Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Licka My Lips

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I did my long post on the Chloe head, and I really love how cute that head looks it has a fresh young look to it.  But this head, the Alex, is a a little older and yet still holds that youth.  I have paired it the skin from Glam Affair which is the Sia skin that you can find at Shiny Shabby.  What I love about this head is its a little more advanced, I think LOGO has come a long way since the Chloe head, even though the Chloe is updated, this one just seems more my style. 

With the Alex head you have all the same great features and accessories that Chloe comes with.  But there are extras, like the vampire teeth and the tongue, along with different makeups that work with only the Alex head.  The expressions are different though, which I enjoy because you can have  different and unique looks with each head and not the same ole expressions.  This is what appeals the most to me are the expressions they are very detailed and smooth.

One of the down falls to the head and that isnt really a big deal is that you cannot try demo skins on the demo head like some others allow you to do, but the skins that come with the demo are super cute and the darker the tones I think the better it looks.  I personally love the Bloom.  But once you get the head you can try all the demos you want and find the perfect look for you. 

My suggestion is what I done, wear the mesh demo head for a while, play with all the features, because you everything is workable in the demo which is something of a bonus.  You can try the skins the expressions the different looks you can totally make a look of your own and really tell if you want to invest in this .. The head is very reasonable in price compared to some I have seen so that makes this as well more appealing.  So go try the demo, have some fun and make your own look ♥

♦ Head:  LOGO Alex v2 Omega Mesh Face - All Expressions.....Maximillion Grant
♦ Skin:   Glam Affair - Sia Appleirs for LOGO - 03 ( America ).....Aida Ewing.....Shiny Shabby
♦ Hair:   TRUTH HAIR Ryleigh.....Truth Hawks.....NEW
♦ Shirt:   Blueberry - Long Sleeve Tops - Maitreya .....Blueberryxx.....Mesh Body Addicts 
♦ Necklace:  [ Infliction ] Tagged Collar // Scripted // Silver.....Asylum Miggins

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