Sunday, February 7, 2016


Whats wrong with being ... Confident ...   Tuuune 
I love this song ♥

This outfit reminds me of that.  Blueberry put out a new leather bodysuit and its hot hot hot.  You can wear it with or with out the studs, since I seen tons of this on the flickr with the studs, I am doing it without.  Now this leather piece comes in a jacket version too!  Gah its just gorgeous, I been wearing it for days and now I can blog it haha.

OUT now in the main store, it comes in different colors too.  Like always there is a fatpack.  Personally I like the packs because you get a better deal for your L's.  There is a demo for you to try too.  So make sure you do that.  Rawr get your confident on ♥

Leather:  Blueberry - Lida - Bodysuit - Maitreya   |  blueberryxx  | NEW
Shoes:  REIGN.- Onyx Heels (Maitreya-High)- FATPACK  |  kenadeecole  | FLF past 
Hair:  pritty - Lisa -  |  karla.marama  | Chapter 4
Necklace:  a m o r o u s // Risen Necklace  |  Matchbook Monday  | NEW
Head:  LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face  |  Maximillion Grant  |
Skin:  Glam Affair - Melanie Appleirs for LOGO ( Shiny Shabby ) | Aida Ewing |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3  |  Onyx LeShelle  |
Pose by Pose Maniacs Becca 3  |  Jaay Tiratzo  | NEW

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jungle Princess

Hii everyone, WE <3 RP is beginning and man I am looooving this round for sure now.  In the picture I am being the jungle princess.  I even have a buddy! Wolfy, he is from the Jian booth.  You can wear him as a companion and there are sleeping ones, and ones that look around.  Its great.  You will have to check them out because look he is adorable! 

Then my outfit, is by Salt and Pepper and the belted top and skirt come with a HUD and you can change the colors so if you don't want to be a juggle princess.  You can wear a different style in color and come up with what you want. 

You can find out more about We <3 RP click here

We <3 Role-Play is a monthly shopping event catering mainly, but NOT solely, to role-players. It was the first and original monthly event on this scale and so far is the most successful one still.

Bracelets: (Kunglers) Keira bracelets - Cream | avagardner.kungler | We <3 RP
Sword:  EF: Australis Sword - High LOD | empyreanforge | We <3 RP
Wolfie:  JIAN :: Wolf Companion (Attach me!) | jiansl | We <3 RP
Skirt:  S&P skirt Aly maitreya exp | xxsaltandpepperxx | We <3 RP
Top:  S&P top Aly maitreya exp | xxsaltandpepperxx | We <3 RP
Hair: [Entwined] Isobel | vivienmarli | We <3 RP
Eyes:  AMITOMO TCF 2nd Anniversary Gift Eye  | woomi.latte |
Skin:  Glam Affair - Melanie Appleirs for LOGO ( Shiny Shabby ) | Aida Ewing |
Head:  LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face | Maximillion Grant |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 | Onyx LeShelle |
Pose:  POSEL ~ Model Posepack 5 ~ | dooly.foxglove |

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hi everyone.  I am posting this one a bit of a last minute, I had some internet issues the last couple of weeks and its hit and miss when I can get a picture to upload.  This one went through and I am happy to show it off.. the bad thing is the Color me Project  for Circa items will end tomorrow.  So today is your last day to get them at the event.  BUT good news is after the event Cherelle is usually good at putting the items out at her main store.  So I am sure you will not miss anything!

To accent come of the rooms, I have placed out some of Sway's items too the mix of these two designers is amazing and I love how the colors fit together.  I am using the adult version of Sway's sled bench.  This pretty piece holds many poses of the good and the naughty ... its a must have and it made a great centerpiece for my room.  The colors were amazing. 

Items by Cherelle Capra
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Area Rug - Amaranth Damask (Style 1)
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Area Rug - Amaranth Damask (Style 2)
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Elegant Wall Table - White / Amaranth
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Birdcage - Pink & Pink Roses
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Dasmask Curtains - Amaranth 
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Multi Frame Heart - Petal 
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Vintage Side Table - White / Amaranth 
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Letter Ladder & Rose Bush - Pinks (L)

Items by Sway Dench
Sway's [Sled] Bench / Adult Wayward Winter (over now ... try main store soon!)
Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . silver  Tres Chic
Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . with decoration Lost and Found Item
Sway's [Keira] Candlestick . A  Past FLF item
Sway's [Keira] Candlestick . B Past FLF item
Sway's [Keira] Picture frame . empty frame Past FLF item

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Do you wanna be my Valentine?

Hi everyone.  I am doing another V day post.  I am using the Lover Bridge that I posted about in my last blog so you can read down to see that one ♥  Today is a special day.  FOR TODAY ONLY you can get this gorgeous gown by Apple May Designs.  There are a  few colors available and believe me you don't want to miss this dress its on sale for 75L for Lazy Sunday and its well fitted, and its made for some of the mesh bodies.  I am showing off the Maitreya as that is my default.  There are normal sizes in there too for the non mesh bodies.  I recommend that you as well take off your feet when wearing this dress.  It is long and beautiful and you don't want you mesh feet to poke though.

Amorous is making a come back with her accessories, and has released some new items.  I am wearing in the close up pic her new ELEGANCE set.  It comes with a necklace and earrings.  Like all her amazing items you can click the accessories and you will get a menu where you can change so many aspects of the jewelry which is something I really like.  You have many different options to pic from and all them are gorgeous.  I went with Silver and pearl for my choices on this one.  All to match my dress.  There are over 8 different colors to pic from make sure you check them all out!! ♥

Dress: (AMD) - Ivanka Gown (Maitreya) - Pearl *No Feet* | Apple May | On Sale Today Only!
Ring:  :::ChicChica::: Hurrem Black Diamond Ring | Lilo Denimore |
Earring:  a m o r o u s // Elegance // Earring | Matchbook MondayNEW
Necklace:  a m o r o u s // Elegance // Necklace | Matchbook Monday | NEW
Hair:  Vanity Hair:All About It-Browns | Tabata Jewell |
Eyes:  AMITOMO TCF 2nd Anniversary Gift Eye | Woomi Latte |
Head:  LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face | Maximillion Grant |
Skin:  Glam Affair - Melanie Appleirs for LOGO ( Shiny Shabby ) | Aida Ewing |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 | Onyx LaShelle |

Aphrodite "Everlasting Eomance" | Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer |

Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentine Day Extravoganza

Hi Everyone.  I am getting this post out early.  Valentines day will be hitting us soon and all you lovers out there will not want to miss this.  Between having the Heart Shaped bridge, the Pavilion and the yummy nummy goodies that are out  you will have the best set for V-day. 

Aphrodite/Heart Homes always has the best sets out for the holidays.  Everything is interactive, click and you get the funnest of items.  Whether it be food, drinks, accessories, poses ... you pretty much get it all.   What I am loving with these items is the quality, I am seeing so much improvement over the year of buying their items.  Things are looking more realistic, and the mesh is growing too! That is in no way shape of saying their quality was lacking before.  Just over time people grow and learn and get better.  This is definitely something I would love to use more than just the holidays hehe.

Aphodite "Everlasting Romance" Pose set & outdoor deco
-14 couples poses

Aphrodite Valentines buffet - Ideal Valentines party!
-Many food items - click for foods

Heart Homes "Four Seasons" Pavillion
-Male and Female poses 6 poses
-Couple poses 4 poses

Heart Homes  "Winter Cozy Bench"
-Couples 11 couples  
-Singles 9 singles
Built in props and fun items

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just a Little Break

Hi everyone, I am showing off some new items.  Wayward Market is opened and you can get some really cute things like this accessory set which has a necklace and earrings from Cae.  What I really like about Cae is that they are highly detailed pieces.  So for me when I spend money on jewelry I am totally getting my worth on it.  These are totally no exception they are gorgeous!

Next up is Just Because.  I can rave about her clothing all day long for sure.  This outfit, is found at UBER which as well just opened on the 25th.  So you might be able to get in but keep trying if you cant.  These tops and pants are adorable.  The top is highly detailed mesh, I am wearing with my body, there are normal's in the package if you need to non body it.  With the pants you get flat foot version and heels versions.  There is a belt and huds to control your colors.  I am loving on the fat pack and you get a little of everything.  From colors to naturals like I am wearing you will look fashionable.

So make sure you check out these events and have fun shopping.  There are tons to see, lots to buy.  So make sure you got your money saved up.  :)

*JB* Designer Jeans - FatPack - Lara Flat | Annie Melson | Uber
*JB* Designer Jeans Belt - Lara | Annie Melson | Uber
*JB* Lace Bustier - FatPack - Lara | Annie Melson | Uber
Cae :: Peyton :: Earring (R) | caelan.hancroft | Wayward Market
Cae :: Peyton :: Necklace | caelan.hancroft | Wayward Market
Exile::Celebrity Skin Natural Fusion | Kavar Cleanslate |
AMITOMO TCF 2nd Anniversary Gift Eye (R) | Onyx LeShelle |
Glam Affair - Melanie Appleirs for LOGO ( Shiny Shabby ) | Onyx LeShelle |
LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face | Maximillion Grant |
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 | Onyx LeShelle |
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) M - Flat | Siddean Munro |

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Little Sparkle and Shine

Hi everyone.  I been wanting to blog this for a little bit now and finally felt like doing it.  Well that and my internet in the reals is being a butt and wouldnt let me upload a single thing for like a week.  This one finally got through.

So Blueberry is at Collabor88, you still have some days left to get there and get it.  The top and shorts are amazing and the details are great.  I am loving the metallic shine on the top, and the hud if you have the full pack is amazing its full of solid colors and these vibrant shimmering shines.  Holographic yea, that is the word I am thinking of. But definitely something everyone should check out,  I never seen material like this in SL before ♥

I changed out my head to show the new Glam Affair skin called Kat.  You can find her at Shiny Shabby.  All the colors are available.  So your amazing skin tone is there!  On that, I am loving the make up in this hud.  The lips for me seem a bit more casual and I like that most.  Though there are times I want the wild colors, this one seemed to fit my style a lot better.  I encourage you all to check her out.

Top:  Blueberry - Lola - Bustier Tops - Maitreya | blueberryxx | Collabor88
Shorts:  Blueberry - Lola - Denim Shorts - Maitreya 
 | blueberryxx | Collabor88
Hair:  Moon. Hair. // Storm (Lola T.) | silent.acoustic |
Head:  .LeLutka.Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3 | jadenart |
Skin:  Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Kat Applier [ America ] |Aida Ewing | Shiny Shabby
Eyes:  .ID. Photoshoot / Mesh Eyes / Sky / | audrey.lamede |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 | Onyx LeShelle |

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Breakfast in Bed, Sir?

Hi Everyone! I am showing you something from the Fashion Line that is at Wayward Winter.  My last post was from the Home and Garden aspect of it all and this one is aimed to you fashion gurus.  So I decided to go a little outside the norms of fashion and use the maid fantasy like outfit.  I thought it was cute and the moment I put on the dress and ears I knew where I wanted to go with this look. 

Wayward Winter will be opening tomarrow at some point in SLT ... the sim is being worked on at this very moment.  Something you should know about Wayward Events, she creates her sims to be interactive.  Here you can hang out, have fun, take pictures and really just immerse yourself into the atmostphere of it all.  And trust me its looking gorgeous. 

I am going to post the link to the main site as we were asked not to post URLS till the sim was done and opened.  So if you are really wanting in.  Keep your eyes opened for the LM to come in the groups and on the site.  You will not want to miss this event!!

Choker:  +Spellbound+ Crystal Choker // Dark | kohana.xue | Wayward Winter
Eyes:  .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Snow Queen Eyes -  Green  | psikotik.gothly | Wayward Winter
Dress:  [Cloud] Sweetheart Maid dress  white+black RARE 2 | xueyun | Wayward Winter
Feet Laces:[CX] Bittersweet Laces (Pastels) | kamayari | Wayward Winter
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nessie hair-Fatpack | Ikira Frimon | Wayward Winter
Headband:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nessie headband | Ikira Frimon | Wayward Winter
Head: LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face | Maximillion Grant |
Skin: Glam Affair - Cloe Appleirs for LOGO - America | Aida Ewing | Collabor88
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 | Onyx LeShelle |

Trompe Loeil - Finley Kitchenette {A} V1.1 | Cory Edo |
26.erratic / lsm - breakfast - eggs benedict  | Erratic Rain |

Cabin Feast

Hey everyone! I am gonna show off some items that are part of the Wayward Winter event that will be happening starting the 18th which is tomorrow.  This is a bigger post of the Home and Garden items and I am liking is this isn't all the home and garden stuff.  There is a a wonderful mix of this stuff and the fashion.  So definitely worth checking out. 

I will have everything listed below for you all you to find the items.  I decided to blog this set based on the grouping and how I felt they would fit together in my eyes.  Ofcourse everyone has a different view on things which is what makes SL so great.  One person can see one thing and another can see something else. 

If you want to know more about Wayward, please click below.  And if you want to see the pictures bigger please click them and they will blow up.   Have fun shopping.

Wayward Website

 Credits:  Wayward Winter Items:
 Kalopsia - The Lost Cabin | Isabeau Baragula |

[atooly.home] white star w/ wrapped lights | rockstarroo.gossipgirl |

Lost Juntion Items:   | Tala Laval |
[LJ] BYGASG - Vegetable Plate (gives vegetables)
[LJ] BYGASG - Cutting Board with Meat (Unscripted)
[LJ] BYGASG - Stew Pot - Lid Off (Unscripted)
[LJ] BYGASG - Placemat (Full) Unscripted
[LJ] BYGASG - Bowl of Stew
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - Black - Rez
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - White - Rez
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - Tawny - Rez
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie - Gray - Rez
[LJ] Snowball Pile A
[LJ] Snowball Pile B

Concept items: | Serab |
Concept} 01. Mr. Bean & Co. - FirePlace
Concept} 02. Mr. Bean & Co. - Wood
Concept} 04. Mr. Bean & Co. - Cat Pillows
Concept} 03. Mr. Bean & Co. - Pillow&Basket
Concept} 09. Mr. Bean & Co. - Bean White - RARE 
Concept} 06. Mr. Bean & Co. - Carpet A & B

[Con.] Tilbury Roadster - red RARE | Wavie HallerArcade Item

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hip Hop with the Puppy

Hi everyone! Kustom9 is opened and I love love love this PJ set from Sweet Thing, I really wanted the Panda and I have it ... but then I got the Kangaroo and I put it on and i was instantly in love and it became my favorite. So what you need to know is that this comes with an alpha, and its made for norm bodies and mesh ones, this one has a Maitreya insta hider inside it, so it fit nicely even though it said Beta so I assume that is dependent on your body size and type of your shape.  But for me it worked nicely.

I went shopping at The Seasons Story too and I found these adorable puppies, I went crazy and got them all and then some.  SL has been on a puppy love lately.  I have bought so many static like puppies since the Arcade.  And this one is so freaking adorable.  Pink Acid created it and I am like wanting to carry it all over.  Whats even cooler is that you can click the puppy a menu comes up and you can do little fun things with him or her.  Two genders can be won.  I have the little red boy in my arms with a blue collar.  Totally in love. Imma call him Rexxie.

Puppy:  Pink Acid Dachshund Puppy - Red - BlueCollar Him | pinkacidstore | The Seasons Story
PJ's:  Sweet Thing. Kangaroo PJs | ayashula | Kustom9
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Kasimire Hair | Truth Hawks | Epiphany
Necklace:  Kibitz - MSG necklaces [silver] love me | Kathya Szczepanski |
Head:  LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face | Maximillion Grant |
Skin: Glam Affair - Cloe Appleirs for LOGO - America | Aida Ewing | Collabor88
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3 | Onyx LeShelle |