Thursday, January 29, 2015

Post 525 - Perfect10

Hii Everyone! I got a new little thing to talk about.  I was invited to check out a new Home and Garden event.  This is called Perfect 10.  Where creative designers of Home and Garden items (no clothing) will feature their items.

Do you want to know more about Perfect 10 and the people that run it?  Well click HERE.

Click here ... and you can take a ride to the event.  It goes from the 1st to the 15th!


Items from The Strawberry Box - (Jiovi Michigan)
FlynnBlue Chair
FlynnBrown Chair
Retro TV *touch to turn on/off*
Retro Art
Retro Rug
Working Vintage Radio *Deed to group, must own group*
Flynn Coffee Table
Flynn Tall  Table
Pink Lava Lamp
Blue Lava Lamp
Green Lava Lamp

Item from Michigans Shack - (2WAT Michigan)
Spartan Bed

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Post 524

Hi everyone!  I have no idea where I want to begin in this post.  There is a ton of things going on with designers.  Hmm ok top to bottom? Lets go with that.  My hair is new from Truth and you can get it at the main store.  With his hairs like always you can get your choice of color packs, the curlish pigtail updo is perfect for all occasions.  Messy and cute, and all round nice to wear.  It looks totally innocent from the back.

On my arms are armies from Forever Young, and if you have a mesh body like me you can wear these too! BUT you dont have to have the body to wear these, you can do it with your normal body and look just great too!  These are at the even Carnevil that just opened on the 24th so make sure you head over and get yours today.  So many colors to be had too!

Next up is a two parter.  My top and pants though different outfits come from the same designer.  This is made by Cynful.  Again if you have the mesh body you can wear this top just perfectly with the appliers.  As well as the mesh pants.  I am wearing the mediums and the alphas work just dandy.  BUT I want to let you know to please try the demo as each persons body is different.

Wewt wewt this is the last on the clothing ride.  I got shoes from AlterEgo, they are totally amazing.  Heels a mile high and straps all over.  Total hotness and just enough kink to make them work with everything you could wear.  I love these in this look and better yet you can pair them with jeans, a skirt, and hell I got sweatpants on and look amazing! You must have these in your collection of shoes. Great for the slink high feet.  You need feet for these btw.

Normally I suck as poses, but I just opened that box.  So Purple Poses has new poses out for you and this one is called Jane.  There are 6 in the pack and each one unique and cute.  So you need to make sure you go to her main store and check out all the poses by Purple Poses cause they are hot hot hot.

♥ Shoes: .alterego. snobbery pumps - (toxxic.rhiannyr)  NEW
♥ Necklace: complate[MANDALA]Onigiri necklace/Charcoal (kikunosuke.eel)
♥ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ivana (Truth Hawks) NEW
♥Armies: :FY: Shredded Gloves [green] (hannah.lacombe) Carnevil
♥ Pants: [Cynful] Dime Piece Sweatpants - (cynthia.ultsch) NEW at the Mainstore now
♥ Top: [Cynful] Tittie Top - Green  (promise.hollow)  NEW
♥ Pose - Purple Poses - Jane (audrey.guter) NEW

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: .:.{S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica 05 G (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post 523

Oh hi everyone.  Did you know that I got lucky enough to have Blueberry allow me to blog for her stuffs.  I am overly excited.  Not just her clothing but her hair tooooo.  I am like omgoshing and dying right now.  But I shop at her store before this anyways.  So I feel very privileged to have this opportunity.

So there are new things out, like this dress and the hair I am wearing.  The dress comes in different colors and there is a hud to allow you to change the color of the belt.  So if you want your pearls and string to be different in colors you can do so.  Its very easy to use.  On that this dress goes with normal bodies and mesh bodies.  Please make sure you try the demos.  Make sure you head next door to her hair shop, which has several different hairs, but I am showing off the newest of her set.  I have it in the fades right now.  Blonde and pink.  there are 3 different color packs to choose from.  The normals, the fades and the unicorns. Each pack holding very amazing choices and all in them.  Again the hud is very easy to use.  Click and go.   Please again ... demo's people.

Next, I have been also given the pleasure to showcase the new shoes by Glamistry.  This is a bit new for me.  The designer of these shoes and such.  So I am finding that these shoes are amazing too. Hand crafted with a hud that allows you to change just about every aspect of the shoe.  This one allows you to change several different colors and metals to make your look amazing.  And it had the right colors to match my amazing dress.  So yea... please check out the store and try the demos!

Last and not least at all is Miseria I love her cute stuffs, I am always excited when I see new things come out and this little tote is one of them.  Its an elephant and omg who doesn't love an elephant.  I know I dooo, and her bags come in different colors toooo so you can have a ton of them.  Its mesh and fits the mesh hands perfectly, but you can move it around a little to make it your hand just right!

♥ Hair: Blueberry - Fay - Hair Size - 2 - Essentials (blueberryxx)  NEW
♥ Dress: Blueberry - Satin Dress & Belt - Maitreya  (blueberryxx) NEW
♥ Ring: EMPORIUM - RING #2 Crown SILVER - (Antonia Millar) NEW
♥ Shoes: Glamistry : ERANTHIS Heels - (glamistry) NEW
♥ Bag: [Miseria] Elly Tote - Navy (athena.loring) NEW

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes:  {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Skin:-Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica 05 G (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Maven Homes - Skwer

Hi everyone.  I got something cool to show you!  I got a new house and I am loving it.  Its called the Skwer.  Its by Maven Homes.  Normally his houses are a bit on the larger side, so when I see the smaller ones I get all excited.  This house is more like a mini resort house in my opinion where as you would see it at a ski resort or something of that nature, but I made it look that way with all the bushes and stuff in front and the snow.  But this house would look amazing by a lake or anywhere really.  It all depends on how you decorate it.

It has two floors.  First floor is your basic living room and kitchen layout.  The mini kitchen is built in.  This house is modifiable so if you want to remove items you can do so.  Just make sure you keep the backup ready to go in case you are like me and make mistakes.

Then going up the stairs you will find a huge bedroom and bathroom.  I am not sure how I did it but in my picture of the bedroom I managed to get a reflection light off the lamp by the bed to hit the door.  That was pretty flipping cool if you ask me I never seen that before.   This house is small but yet so spacious on the inside and perfect for one person or a couple to live in.

I am going to try something new, since I have 8 pictures, I am going to embed a slide show into my post.  I am going to see how it works, if you don't like it don't hesitate to tell me so.  I am curious to see how this works ♥  You can always see the pictures on my flickr as well just click the flickr slide show at the top ♥

Make sure you check out Maven Homes.  There are two sims full of houses.

Also I am not going to detail my inside home .. but I will list all designers featured in it .. I will do another post later with all the insides because I am not done decorating just yet!


Random Furniture around the house by these designers:
Shabby Tabby (Rosemaery Lorienfield)
Aphrodite (Marina Ramer)
8f8 (iBi)
Circa (Cherelle Capra)
Common Grounds (Emery Milneaux)
Vespertine (Amelie Knelstrom)
La Galleria (Pamela Galli)
Noodles (Natalee Oodles)
Fetch (distoreddreams)
Alouette (Scarlet Chandrayann)
Plethroa (PlethoraSL)
Convair (Tobias Convair)
Kalsia (Isabeau Baragula)
Bazar (Ria Bazar)
Half Deer (Halogen Magic)
FloorPlan (Tegan Serin)
Dust Bunny (lxlnoel)
Oyasumi (Kenzo Gateaux)
Ispachi (Andred Qinan)
What Next (Winter Thorn)
Pilot (Kaz Nayar)
Cozy Homes (Paige Raven)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Post 522

Hii everyone, so while I am waiting for N21 to rez for me, I will take up space and waste some time doing a post :D   I cannot get over these Bueno jeans ... I am living in them.  They are very flattering so they are being featured again in my post.  Just saying.

NV placed out some new shirts, not very mesh body friendly lol but I made it work damn it.  They are different ways of saying F U really.  I love it.  Normally I am a tame girl, but these shirts are totally doing it for me.  This one means F it.  I love the little humping guy on the I  haha.

Entwined has new hair out ... and and and if you are a blogger reading this ... She has opened up the blogger applications again so you can fill out your app here Just dont take my spot ok?! I like blogging her hair.   Hmm this new one is a long hair that is pulled sides to the back very cute.  I love the looks of it and specially in pink.  She does pink hair very well.

My Attic .. .well not mine personally ... but the event My Attic will be opening up and you can find this couch ... chair ... pose thinger if you will in three different colors, red, pink and black.  Each one having a ton of poses in them, I couldnt choose all my favorites and I wanted to get post out so there are two of the many that are in this.  You should head over and check it out!!

Eudora ... my shoe fettish go to guy ... he provides some of the highest quality shoes in sl .... I love the textures on this shoe.  It has fancy ladies of the day on it.  Sexy sleek and made for the slink high foot so make sure you have the feet.  You need these shoes trust me.  You can have them if you go over to Kustom9 right now and get them ... gorgeous and so many colors to choose from .. specially with this hud!!!

Luxe .. has amazing accessories.  Love these Bracelets and ring set so while you are getting the shoes ... you can get these bracelets and ring set from Kustom9  They come in gold black, and silver metals.  There is a hud for 14k or 24k metal options on the gold.  A girls best accessories is her bracelets I swear. Loving them!

♥ Top: [NV] Abril Top -Fuck It  (isiss Bade)  NEW♥ Pants: Bueno - Skinny Jeans Steel- Regular  (blueberryxx) NEW
♥ Shoes: Eudora 3D Pinup Pumps Fatpack left (Eudora3D) Kustom9
♥ Bracelet: LUXE. - Bebe Bangle 1 Silver  (jaycee.dover) Kustom9
♥ Bracelet: LUXE. - Bebe Bangle 2 Black (jaycee.dover) Kustom9
♥ Bracelet: LUXE. - Bebe Bangle 3 Silver (jaycee.dover)Kustom9
♥ Bracelet: LUXE. - Bebe Bangle 4 Black (jaycee.dover) Kustom9
♥ Ring: LUXE. - Spikey Ring Silver (jaycee.dover) Kustom9
♥ Hair: [Entwined] Melody - Lolas (vivienmarli)  NEW
♥ Poses: W. Winx & Flair - Temptation Lounge (Whimsy Winx) My Attic

Everyday Wear:
♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica 05 G (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aphrodite - Gazebo's

Valentines is around the corner and frankly, there is really one store that goes all out for this time of year that I noticed.  That would be Aphrodite.  They cater to everything from Candies, Hearts and Flowers to what I am about to show you right now! They made these amazing Gazebo's which you can buy individually or you could get the combo and get all of them at one amazing discounted price! And these have everything you could possibly want to make your night completely romantic.  Whats even better is they are perfect for use after V day too!!!!


Item is located at Cosmopolitan

 Gazebo COMBO Offer price (extra discount already in regular price)
Includes the 3 different gazebos, the bridges and walkways and the dance floor as extra!
MESH 302 LI complete

 Gazebo with romantic piano
This piano includes a total of 35 custom animations!
~♥~ 3 solo animations: play, sing and sit
~♥~ 7 duet animations for playing & singing together
~♥~ 9 tender couple animations with kisses, cuddles & snuggles
Includes decorations,  red roses, flowers changer options, lamps, soft candle lighting, optional lamps & lights
23 Wonderful piano love songs, playable by the music book.
~♥~ Animated bridge for couples with almost a dozen of flowers options to change and 26 animations including proposals, dances, kisses and cuddles.
MESH 62 LI complete.

 Gazebo with relaxing hangout
~♥~ Animated  couple sofas with 8 couple animations for sitting together and kiss.
~♥~Animated champagne bucket, rose petals, chandelier
~♥~ Menu controlled realistic fireplace & rug
MESH 71 LI complete

 Gazebo with Cafe set
~♥~ Single chairs with 13 animations with automatic attachment system props (cafe, petit fours, napkin etc)
~♥~ Couples bench with 7 singles and 12 couple animations
~♥~ Animated bridge for couples with almost a dozen of flowers options to change and 26 animations including proposals, dances, kisses and cuddles.
MESH 72 LI complete

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Post 521

Hii everyone.  Making cupcakes ... half dressed cupcakes?  I dunno, I felt like doing it.  Anyhoooo there are some awesome things hitting the grids.  I am wearing my mesh body because I cant take it off, You DONT need the body to wear my clothing today.  There are the system versions in there for you rebels.    First off is my top by Forever Young, I love how it looks on this body.  Its well done and lines up good and you can see through it too! Yep ... totally showing off the boobs.  But that is ok because I like it. ♥ 
Following that you got the pants that are made for bodies they are from Cynful.  You can get these at the main store.  There are so many colors to choose from.  Brights to Darks.  I tend to stay with darker colors for pants, but you know that might change with these, I was playing around with them yesterday and I was like ooo I should break out of my shell. ♥
Then Livalle, use to be L.Warwick shoes has released shoes for both girls and guys, I am wearing the ultra sex high heels for girls, there are blue boots for the other pair (not shown)  For the men is casual loafer like shoes and a pair of slip on dress up shoes (again not shown)  But you might wanna take your men to check it out.  She has all kinds of great and amazing shoes that you must have.  I swear by it.  The ones I am wearing take slink medium feet. Make sure you have them before buy and try the demos people! ♥
 I am loving this Entwined hair.  Its short, it has style and its side swept which is something I love.  Its totally girly.  And it comes in so many color choices so it would totally fit any girls need.  Like always with her hair, please try the demo because sometimes you might need to fix your head, I have not personally come to having to this but I seen here posts and words around asking people to check out the demo.♥

♥ Top: :FY: Fish Net Halter  (hannah.lacombe) Suicide Dollz
♥ Pants: [Cynful] Promise Skinny Jeans - Dark Denim  (Promise Hollow) NEW
♥ Braclets: LUXE. - Bebe Bangle (mix) (jaycee.dover)  Kustom9
♥ Hair: [Entwined] Rosa (VivienMarli) NEW
♥ Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Earring HeartWings LE  (luciayes.magic) The Dressing Room Fusion
♥ Shoes: {Livalle} Luscious -Platform Heels- Sex'n'Candy (Lindsey Warwick) Shoe21
♥ Lashes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian) Kustom9
♥ Pose by Pose+ivity Naughty 8 (Meccca)

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - medium (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Jamaica 01 G (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Post 520

Hii everyone, its been a week since I posted and I am sorry for that.  I am back in college and Psychology is my class.  I am sure that is enough said right.  Well I am back for the weekend and I got some nifty little things for you.  AlterEgo has released some new things that go with meshy bodies.  What is nice is that if you have the Omega you can use it with the Maitreya body.  This is all new to me ... but its a series of wearing huds and transferring information.  Which is really over my head :D   But Toxxi is smart and got me addicted to it and now her clothes are even WAY better because of it.  And you can get my bracers from her store too, the stitching is X stile and goes all the way around. ♥

Have you been to OMGacha yet?  I got this really cute hair from there, its by Moon and its so adorable, and I love how it sits on the body no matter which angle you turn.  As you can see I took a picture sitting down and a picture standing up.  Its flowing, thick and rich looking hair, that has amazing textures on it.  And you have your chance to win different packs, which is amazing not just one color ... but whole packs!

Ohhh these pants.  They are made for all the mesh bodies and normal bodies.  They are made by Bueno which is located on the same Sim as Blueberry.  These pants are nicely form-fitted and works wonders on the body and shape.   I love the texture, the the look ... everything about them ♥

Noow, head over to Apple May where you can get my platform heels.  They are wood bottoms with changeable straps.  Its very detailed and if you use certain windlights you can see the extreme details of this shoe.  But I will admit my knowledge in some of this is a little limited so everything looks overly shiny to me and I am sure there is a way to fix it.  But you can wear these with out much issue trust me. 

♥ Lashes: .alterego. kensi shirt upper I - dark slate blue (toxxic.rhiannyr)  NEW
♥ Lashes: (AMD) Lorde Mesh Wedges  (Apple May) NEW
♥ Lashes: alterego I cord bangles - [L] - white (toxxic.rhiannyr) NEW
♥ Lashes: alterego I cord bangles - [R] - pink (toxxic.rhiannyr) NEW
♥ Lashes: Bueno - Skinny Jeans Steel- (buenosl)  NEW
♥ Lashes: MOON // Hair // Viices  (silent.acoustic) Omgacha
♥ Lashes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian) Kustom9

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Jamaica 01 G (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post 519

I ... I ... I ... work out ...

No not really.  But I would like to pretend I do. That is how I keep my mesh body looking amazing ... that and eating junk-food.  But anyways, you can find the press bench at The Mens Dept this round.  Its greatly priced and packed full of yummy poses.  Being I was singleish in pic ... I used another pose. 

Noooow you need to head on over to Razor and get the amazing sweat pants that I am wearing.  Mhmm they come in different colors.  All via the hud.  They fit my mesh body nicely.  But lots of crack in the back if you wanna show your naughty off :D

Next is heading over to Forever Young or The BIG Show where you could get my top, the pretty star that is on the top.  The Armies I believe you can find in the store, they come to with a hud that allows you to change different colors, there are two packs lights and dark.  Both of which are amazing I love me some pink colors, so I of-course wear it. 

♥ Shoes: .:SS:. HIGH TOP CHUCK ML (Jared Spearsong)
♥ Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 41 / Dark Mocha (kumii.yoshikawa)
♥ Pants: Razor/// Millionare Sweats - (Kehl Razor)  NEW
♥ Armies: :FY: Chloe Arm Warmers  (hannah.lacombe) NEW
♥ Top: :FY: Jezebel Top  (hannah.lacombe) The Big Show
♥ Pose: Posi+ivity - Lean (meccca)
♥ Bench: N4RS Bench Press - (alecat Breda)  The Mens Dept

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. SeverEyes 11 (Berta Avro)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - December - Jamaica - 07 C (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Post 518

Heey everyone.  So There is some new and amazing things happening at Cynful.  This was a release by Cyn and Promise.  They be collaborating and making some cute things these days.  This outfiting being one of them.  Its a complete thing here.  Full mesh.  Jacket with your hands in the pockets.  Pants that have boots attached.  Whats cool is you get a hud that allows you to change so much on this outfit.  AND AND AND you can purchase an addon hud to do other fun amazing patterns on it.  Though I chose to go for the classic baby pink and blue jeans with the cheeta fur, I was more than happy and comfortable in it.  Now the hands are meshed into the pockets so keep in mind this was not shopped this way in my PS.  ♥

Have you been to OMGacha yet?  Welp you should head over where you can find this pretty hair ... by ... well Pritty.  Its a half side back pony tail that you can win in different colors, I got this one and a red set.  There are two colors in each pack.  I am starting to find myself becoming attached to this hair and going back to play and at 80L a play .. you cant beat that!

♥ Hair: pr!tty - Louise - [Colorful 3]  (Karla Marama) OMGacha
♥ Top: [Cynful] Prissy Fur Outfit "Dress" -  M (cynthia.ultsch)  NEW
♥ Pants with Boots: [Cynful] Prissy Fur Outfit "Pants + Shoes" - (cynthia.ultsch) NEW
♥ Earrings: Glam Affair - Nina Hoops Silver (aida.ewing)

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. SeverEyes 11 (Berta Avro)
♥ Skin:  -Glam Affair - December II - Jamaica tone - 03 G (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)