Saturday, February 28, 2015

Post 543

So new house means new stuff, and I made the boyfriend get the new rack from Lark, which is what my shoes are sitting it.  He nailed it to his closet for me to place my shoes, so I wouldn't take up all his space.  Smart huh?  Well if you went FLF shopping you could have picked yours up for 50L  if you are reading this now you might still have a chance as I missed it yesterday and got it just a little bit ago.  But depending on when you are reading this you might have missed it :(  But don't fear she will sell it when its over at the normal price.  Yah!  
Now they on this amazing little rack ... I have stuck all my Livalle Shoes ... ok well not all shoes, because I have a ton of her shoes, and believe me if I had to put out all her shoes, I would need about a billion racks because there are so many colors to choose from.  What I love though about her shoes is that if you want to display your shoes too, you can.  Because frankly she makes these amazing boxes that come with.  You just place them out and BAM you got shoe boxes, whats even better is most of them I have seen are actually just 1 land impact.  So you get to design and stick out all you want and not use that many prim! So hells ya for that.  This designer has thought of everything ♥♥

Shoes are for the slink feet

Lark - Display Shelf (E) [Sienia Trevellion]  FLF item
Shoes Starting from top shelf working down!
(Lindsey Warwick)
[L.Warwick] Umbriel -High Strapped Heels- Key Lime
[L.Warwick] Eliza -Cork Platform Wedges- Caribbean Blue
{Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Burgundy
{Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Pearl
[L.Warwick] Savannah -Ankle Strapped Heels- Ruby Leather
[L.Warwick] Savannah -Ankle Strapped Heels- Blue Leather
{Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Purple
{Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- KichiBlue

Friday, February 27, 2015

Post 542

Hiii Everyone, so I got a ton of stuff to show you.  I am gonna start off with AlterEgo.  Toxxic is in the Skin Fair 2015!! Which means yah you got me skins!! They are gorgeous, and they come with the new lip appliers for the sweet lips.  There are appliers for just about everything you can imagine for body parts, there is a huge list ... so I wont list them all.  But you can check out the demo.  Believe me I love this skins ♥  OK so Glamistry has a new thing ... and its not shoes! I was kinda shocked.  Now there are sunglasses in store.  Like the shoes though you get a HUD that you can use to change the different aspects of the glasses.  I was so excited to see this.  Sooo I am hoping that I will get to see more in the accessories department of this creator!♥  Next is Blueberry.  She is in the Uber event with these amazing shorts.  They are frayed at the ends, and the little tassels of string are so well done.  I love them.  My new favorites.  And they are compatible with my meshy body.  Along with the shorts you can head to the main store and check out her knotted tops, they are cute and so many colors to pick from too!♥  Luxe is at the Uber Event too.  Which means you will get many amazing accessories like the bracelets in my hands, and the necklace I am wearing.  They are adorable.  I love the dream catcher look.  One of my favorite things and it fitted so well too.  Which is a plus.  Resizers in the items for those that need to adjust.♥  While at Uber you can check out Pure Poison she has some really cute sandal there in the boho style.  So very cute and there are I think 4 different pairs.  And you get them all and woot they are so awesomely made and perfect for the warmer weather♥

♥ Shirt: Blueberry - Knotted Shirts - Maitreya - (blueberryxx)  NEW
♥ Pants: Blueberry - Ripped Denim Shorts - Belted - (blueberryxx) UBER
♥ Ring: LUXE. - Lady Silver Ring (jaycee.dover)
♥ Bracelet: LUXE. Dreamcatcher & Pearls Bracelet - Teal (jaycee.dover) UBER
♥ Necklace: LUXE. Knotted Dreamcatcher Necklace (jaycee.dover) UBER
♥ Necklace: LUXE. Wooden Bohemian Cuff - Dark (jaycee.dover) UBER
♥ Sandals: Pure Poison - Bohemian Romance Sandals - Simple Boho (Shaleene Kenin) UBER
♥ Sunglasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses  (Glamistry)  NEW
♥ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Delphine (Truth Hawks)  UBER
♥ Butterflies: TRUTH HAIR Delphine (Truth Hawks) UBER
♥ Flowers: TRUTH HAIR Delphine (Truth Hawks  UBER
♥ Base: [e] Hair Base - MyBrownHair (elikapeka.tiramisu)
♥ Lips: [PXL] SweetLips  v1.2 (hart.larsson)  NEW
♥ Skin: [ae] kensi - honey (toxxic.rhiannyr)  Skin Fair 2015
Pose:  Infinti -  Carefree (Brandi Monroe)  Fashion Fair 2015

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Storm Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Post 541 - Gypsy's

Come take a seat and look into the crystal ball, we will tell your future.  Lay out the cards and consult the spirits.  You will leave with the answers you may or may not seek.  Is there love in your future?  Will you become rich?  Tall Dark Strangers in your future?  Who knows.

But you can totally find out by playing in the Sway's [Fortune Teller].  All this could be found at the FGC - Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Feb 6 - March 6) 

Sway's [Fortune Teller]

tent* from colorful cloths & foulards 8Li   RARE
bunting with colorful pennants 2Li
book antique 1Li
display board two-sided 1LI
table with tablecloths 2Li
chair* with 8 animations 1Li   RARE
stool with 8 animations 1Li
crystal ball colorful and glowing 1Li
candle flames on/off by touch 2Li
card tarot 1Li

Gacha | 50 L$ per play | 10 to collect | 20 Li altogether
Mesh + Material | modify + transfer (scripts - transfer only)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Post 540 - Sugar

Oh hi there! So like the boyfriend, got this pose with me like ... before V day, and we were suppose to do it before then.  But you know ... time and stuff .. But we are doing it now.  What is good is that this pose is good any time you wanna have a romantical moment.  Though he is totally checking out my butt ... again.  but that is ok.  This is me wanting candy ... and him ... well you get the point. 

This pose is brought to you by Pose Maniacs, I am kinda addicted to her single poses, and this is gonna rank up there with her couples.  So you should go check it out.  Its a great price and it has three poses inside of it.  I took the middle of the three .. You got a naughty, a goodie and this one we are doing for you now.

(Tray Included with goodies)

{pose maniacs} #mybae   (Jaay Tiratzo)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog 539 - Snobbery

Hiii everyone! So,  I am gonna start off by saying I am THE worse AlterEgo blogger ever.  But in the hope that will semi rectify things with Toxxi ♥  Either way, I buy her stuffs so rawr.  Ok so these shoes are like ... Hells ya.  I had to do a smexy pose with the boyfriend and these.  So that is below.  THESE ARE A GROUP GIFT! So if you are part of her group ... get them ... if you are not part of her group ... why the heck are you not?! ♥  The good thing about being part of her group is that you get spoiled ... I mean hella spoiled.  So seriously go down to the store, pick these up and join the group.  I think there is a fee again.  But trust me it be worth it.  And if you like to laugh good humor there too ♥  <end of suck up rant>

AlterEgo - Snobbery (Toxxic Rhiannyr)  GROUP GIFTY

Post 538 - Evil Step Mom

So I was talking to boyfriends little girl, and said this is gonna be your Evil Step mom.  I couldn't resist.  But really though ... omg this out fit and stuff ... so freaking amazing.  The dress is a new release from Apple May.  You can find it at The Seraphim Social.  This dress is full out mesh, I am wearing it with my body.  Now please test the demo.  This was not made for the body specifically, but because I love how its smooth, I did tweek it a little to fit better.  Now ... While I am speaking of Apple May you need to hit her main store and get the thigh high boots I am wearing with this dress.  Cause they are totally to die for.  They are made for SLINK high feet.  So make sure you have a pair.  I did tweek my legs to be a tiny bit thinner to fit the legs.  But no biggy, they look amazing.  PEOPLE with no MESH bodies ... you will be fine! Just saying. 

I paired this off with LeLutka hair, this comes with the horns and the Staff.  Which is totally amazing to me.  Yes, I added the shiny light on the staff... I dont know if SL can handle that kinda awesome just yet.  But definatly something you all can check out ♥

♥ Dress: Apple May *Evil Queen (M) - Purple (Apple May)  NEW
♥ Boots: Apple May *Thigh High's *M* - Black (Apple May) NEW
♥ Collar: *POMPOSITY - Gemstone Studded Velvet Choker  (Bugsy Hansome)
♥ Hair: *[LeLutka]-EVILLY hair - Pitch (Thora Charron)
♥ Horns: *[LeLutka]-EVILLY horns (Thora Charron)
♥ Staff: *[LeLutka]-EVILLY staff (Thora Charron)
♥ Lips: *[PXL] SweetLips  v1.2 (hart.larsson)  NEW

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Skin: *Glam Affair - Alice skin - Jamaica 04 F (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Post 537 - Sushi Anyone?!

Hiii Everyone! I got something cool to show you. This is new from Aphrodite - Heart Homes.  What it is ... a Teppanyaki table! (鉄板焼き, teppan'yaki) This amazing table with custom made new animations in SL will allow you to cook all kind of sushi's like a Japanese true chef in RL! Hundreds of combinations possible, Make hundreds of different sushi rolls and pieces, even heart shaped ones! Also juggle and play with knives in the air like this chef does, have a lot of fun with it. Use it at your own kitchen or table! Available with 20% off only at Cosmopolitan event.  <--- totally stole the description from the owners ♥ 

This thing is so cool though, you sit and it does the work for you, whats better is your inventory doesn't get bombed with loose items, it attaches for you and then that is it.  Done.  So when you wear this don't worry about the clutter.  Its one of my favorite features about Aphrodite.

Click here to see more on their blog ... there is a video too! ♥

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Post 536

Oh hey! I got a ton of new things.  Like, I got Hair, Skin, Shirt, Lips ... OH MY GOD. So I want to rave a little about all this because honestly, this is from all my favorite designers.  The hair is from Tableau Vivant, the curls of mess on your head is like omg.  Its fluffy and cute. The waves flow over your shoulders and down your back.  Comes in three different colors packs.  You can find it at Shiny Shabby.  ALSO at Shiny Shabby ... This skin set and mouth applier!  Glam Affair, my addiction, I buy all her stuff.  I cant help it.  I need a GA meeting I swear.  This is Alice I am wearing.  And she was amazingballs enough to place out the appliers for my new favorite mesh part.  I GOT LIPS! Pxl has new lips out.  Now ... I know every body in SL is different.  But I have to tell you I made one slight adjustment an that was pull them out a little.  With the applier my skin was seamless .  They are a work in progress and in the NC it states that updates are free so you should check them out.  There is a demo, but the appliers don't work with the demo but you will get full use of the HUD to try and match as best you can to make your judgement.  Last and not least for sure ... Blueberry, this tube top.  Omg.  I hope more like this comes out.  Because I am loving the design.  The white ... like I am wearing is actually white and not grey! The textured wrinkles are amazing too.  I cant get enough of her clothing that is for sure.  Everything is well maid and hand done! ♥

PS.  I am playing with my PS and things I cand do ... sorry if you think its a little over processed.
♥ Top: Blueberry - Tube Top - Maitreya -   (blueberryxx)  NEW
♥ Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Shiny hair (M) - Naturals I (M4ri1yn Magic) Shiny Shabby
♥ Skin: Glam Affair - Alice skin - Jamaica 04 F (aida.ewing) Shiny Shabby
♥ Lips: [PXL] SweetLips  v1.2  (hart.larsson)  NEW
♥ Poses: Purple Poses

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Post 535

Hey everyone.  Gosh I am loving these jeans by Cynful, so much I am showing them off again! Yep that's right.  Again with the jeans, There are so many colors and choices to have in this.  They fit my body (maitreya mesh).  I am wearing a new release by NV too.  This top is omg ... I don't know if it has to do with the TV show ... but I love that show and this shirt.  Its awesome.  Its a tank with another on the inside, that is one piece.  It settles on the shoulders nicely too, I had no gaps or anything, it was great.  I am currently wearing a size medium too. Theeeen, I am wearing a King Crown by Sway's because ... I am RULER of this jungle baby! Its a paper crown ... but still my crown!!! You can find these at her main store too!  Luxe has not only poses ... but THIS amazing PURSE! its made from a safety pin ♥  There are a ton of colors to pick from as well.  I am like rawr, so many choices and different looks.  And it matched my crown!  On that I am using their pose too. 

♥ Purse: LUXE. - Safety Pin Clutch - Bleu et Noir  (jaycee.dover)  NEW
♥ Hair: Magika [Hair M] Moment  (Sabina Gully)
♥ Crown: Sway's [Paper Crown] limited item  (Sway Dench) NEW
♥ Jeans: [Cynful] Skinny Jeans - Lara Add on [Skinny] (cynthia.ultsch) NEW
♥ Shoes: [gt] girlies shoes for Slink High_black hawk
♥ Top: [NV] Pinna Top-Pretty- M (isiss Bade) NEW
♥ Poses:  .[ posetivity ]. Ariana  (meccaa) NEW

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cheri~ Navy Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Skin: Glam Affair - Alice skin - Jamaica 04 F (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Post 534 - Flying away!

Hii everyone.  I am in a light mood today ... as you can see from my pictures so light I am floating away! So ... this is whats up.  These balloons yo! They are made by Brandi Monroe, the owner of Infiniti Poses.  They are part of a gacha.  They are part of the Event called Fantasy Gacha.  It opened on the 11th.  So make sure you check that out.
Ok next up is Blueberry, yep I am loving this girl and her stuff.  I am wearing a slightly older newer release, which is the cardigan sweaters.  Gosh the textures for this are like whoa.  I am in love.  Then again this doesn't surprise me honestly, I know for a fact that she works hard on these items. ♥ So you can always expect the best from her. 
Then then then you have Cynful♥ Uh my gawd.  She got pants for the Maitreya body in this one.  This here is a updated version of her skinny jeans that were released.  These are made for the mesh bodies that are out there.  Not just Maitreya, but this is what I wear so  I am showing them off.  They fit very nicely.  And they have a boot size too so if you wear boots ...
Kinda like the ones from Reign, which you can pick up at the Creepy Kawaii fair, that is going on right now.  I love these and they are fitting nicely, you get them in a variety of colors, and they come wide and skinny.  You can wear the hud and resize them to fit your shape.  As you can see its good for the bodies as well.  RAWR these boots all I got to say you need to check them out ... like now.

♥ Hair: *::Exile:: American Woman:Marone (Kavar Cleanslate) @ Main store
♥ Sweater: *Blueberry - Sweater Cardigans - Maitreya (blueberryxx) -NEW @ Main store
♥ Necklace: *Lark - Dreamers Necklace - Dream Dust (Sienia Trevellion)  @ Main store
♥ Boots: *REIGN.- Lizzy Boots- Right (skinny)- BLACK (kenadeecole) @ Creepy Kawaii Fair
♥ Jeans: *[Cynful] Skinny Jeans - Lara Add on [Skinny; Boot] (cynthia.ultsch) NEW @ Main store

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (AnnaGrey)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Storm Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Skin: Glam Affair - Alice skin - Jamaica 04 F (aida.ewing)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)