Monday, July 24, 2017

Simple Beauty..

Hi everyone! So once again I am back and showing off a really great outfit, so this is the new release by Addams.  There are three parts you can purchase.  The Shirt, the bikini top, and the shorts.  Now right this moment if you get the top fatpack, you get the fatpack of the bikini top included.  This two in one is worth it if you are one that loves to get all the colors.  So you know I did just that.  The top and the shirt come with separate HUDs in the package so that you can control the colors.  The shirt comes with normal colors and tartan colors (flannel).  The Bikini top comes in a TON of solid colors and believe me they are rawr.  So .. with these two items you can wear them together or separate, that is your choice of how you wanna dress yourself.

Now shorts, there is a fat pack with so many colors, and there is also the option to buy the singles.  Now if you were like me and went right when the shorts went on sale, you might have noticed that the HUD was not working correctly to remove the laces on the shorts.  While this can be frustrating, I would like to mention something really amazing.  Being a blogger, I can sympathize with issues happening not everything is going to be perfect all the time.  So, I realized the creator probably was being bombed with lots of negative comments about items not working.  But be patient okay.  I listed off the numbers that I bought so she could know what I had wrong.  But, Amalia was absolutely amazing.  While I am not a blogger for her personally, how she handled her business with such sweetness and grace makes me want to showcase her items more.  Not for one moment was she rude, or ignored the mention of items not behaving, instead she quickly fixed the issue, and sent out a notice saying that there was an update to please stop at the store and pick it up.  She had this done and out within an hour.  That is way above and beyond anything I have ever seen. BUT with in minutes of my issue, she had a new set to me, so ... yes, I want to shout out her customer service she deserves to be recognized for it.

So that is going to be it for this post, I wanted to rave and shout out a little about what great customer service is really like, and what makes me want to shop more! I know that is different than my normal, but hey, I am starting a whole new circle in my blog, and I think it would be a great idea to shout out greatness.  So go check out her store, have fun shopping, get all the clothes and make your style! ♥

Hair:  :::Phoenix::: Clarissa Hair [Fitted Mesh]  | xxryvenxx | 
Top:  Addams // Cristal Bikini Top // Maitreya  | AmaliaRainwood | NEW RELEASE
Shirt:  Addams // Cristal Shirt // Maitreya  | AmaliaRainwood | NEW RELEASE
Shorts:  Addams // Pearl Short // Maitreya  | AmaliaRainwood | NEW RELEASE
Foodie:  {yumyum}Today's shaved(mango) | toraji Voom | Group Gift ♥

Head: LOGO Quinn v1.0 Head | Maximillion Grant |
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  

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