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Friday, January 11, 2013


Alright alright alright, A SALE! And for once I am on time too. Bloggers got a special entrance for a few hours of awesomeness to pick up skins and blog about this event to get the word out! So I totally got access for this!   SO out with the old and in with the New.

Alright so my husband hates when I change my shape. So I had to find a skin that would look uhmazing on my body and I did. Actually it was the first one I found. Called Lavender.  Now what is interesting about these skins and yes I am new the experience some of you may not be...but there is a base skin...which this one looked really awesome by its lonesome...but there are makeups to go with, not just a single one...but layers so you can mix and match. So you can take eye shadow from one face set and add it to lips from another set if you so chose in the same Lavender Set.  Which totally makes ENDLESS amounts of looks.

Ok so the only downfall I found is the makeup set only fit that particular skin. So if you find lips from another skin set that isnt from your skin (Lets say IVY) wont match to well. BUT dont let that stop you cause like I said there are tons of looks. I believe the skin set I have comes with 7 bags of choices. Now each one is a seperate purchase...but Uhm hello did I not say Sale!  Ok so the flyer says 50% off but that is  little lie...LAST MINUTE CHANGE 75% off which makes skins
500L for the base...omg amazing price...and the make bags 250L per set. ANOTHER amazing deal. Believe me...its worth it for all that you get.

Start/End Date: Starts Sat, Jan 12, 2013. Ends Jan 31, 2013


ok ok so you want pics.... take a look and go get the skins