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<---- That would be me

Well, a few things have changed over the years.  I have been blogging since Dec 24th of 2011.  And I love every moment of it.  As the times change and looks change my pictures do too.

My style of how I run my blog has changed as well. I no longer post links to places.  I do this because frankly stores keep moving and changing land.  And its hard to keep up.  And over the years its changed so much.  So I have decided that I will post just the The Name of the Store, The item name, and The owner of said store.  Along with that I will post which event the item came from.  I know this can be a hassel to the reader, but it does get annoying when people IM me saying my LMs are wrong when I use the information given at that said time.  So I find this to be a bit easier.  I am sorry if this does not fit some of your policies.

If none of this bothers you and you would like to have me look at your stuff ... then please keep reading.  And Thank you for understanding ♥

 In-World Name: Livvy Fhang 

My Rules :

  • Want me to blog for you? Sure, drop me a NC with a LM so I can check out your store, no offense I wont waste your time or mine if it doesn't quite fit what I like to blog.
  • I blog when I feel like something hits me or the mood strikes. Sure that could be daily, that could be weekly. Though I do try to go at least once a week with something. But I love signing up for events and such...which makes me blog a lot more.
  • If its an event item, please let me know so I blog before the time comes up. I wouldnt wanna blog it late and make people upset
  • All my items are on flickr! which is located here

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