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Hi all! Livvy here, and I figured you might want to know what is going on with this blog.  Well I started it back in 2011 on Christmas Eve because ... well .. I was a store manager and an event manager.  I always felt really bad for getting items and not 'earning' them.  One store owner told me, I should give a go at blogging.  I was already into photography, well as good as one could be for a noob learner.  So I started out my journey learning all the things I could about blogging and being a blogger.  I had so much help from some really amazing already established bloggers and I learned the ropes.  All these years later here I am still blogging away at the fashions that I love, and continuing the self learning of Photoshop and all the fun stuff you can do to manipulate a picture.

2014 I was uploading a picture and I seen this really cute guy on the page of a fellow photographer that I follow.  He was this specimen of greatness ... so I did what any other girl would do and I stalked him down.  Found out his name was Caleb from the picture, and I looked him up in world.  While the situation of meeting was a bit messy at first in the end it all worked out.  I had him and he was mine.  Then like all relationships in SL ... things went a bit south, not because of each other, but because of time.   We parted ways ... but that saying is true, if you love something let it go and if its returns to you its yours ...

Take Two....
Its now 2017, and I am in a point in my life where things are good, and I get a little ding in my box
CalebBryant: Hi
Livvy.Fhang: Oh
Yes, that is really how that went down.  I really came off as uninterested, but you know what, deep down I was still feeling him in a way that meant the everything to me.  Talking to him again was like nothing has changed.  It was a natural fit, it was always a natural fit.  We decided that we wanted to give this another go, and that is what is happening.  And besides not wanting to take my shoes off in the house like a true Asian (cause he is totally all Asian) would ... we get along just fine!

Now we are taking another journey together.  I am opening up the blog for him to share in this experience too, because he loves being in my pictures, and I love watching him flourish as a talented man.  Caleb writes good, makes great couples poses, and he is mine.

So that is the change that is happening to this blog.  But there is one more thing.  This blog will be coming to the end of its journey soon ... because we will be doing one that is aimed towards us.  And we cannot be more excited.  So if you want to follow us on that journey more information will be coming soon ♥

Find Us In World:
Caleb Bryant
Livvy Fhang 


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