Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Little Late to the Party

Hey everyone!  I have to show you some goodies that can be found at Wayward Halloween.  This event has been opened for a few days now and wow.  The sim is gorgeous, its all done up and ready for you to go and take pictures, have fun and just look around.  You can be completely inspired here.  There are so many things you could do.  Its family friendly too!

This Event you will find all things that are Halloween themed.  What I am loving is that its a great mix of all sorts of designers, you have the funiture peoples, and you have the fashion peoples.  This time I choose to do the furniture side of things, this is great for your home decor for the holiday.  I feel like when I seen this you could be late for the party, you have the goodies and yet you cant enjoy them.  But then again when I look at the grave stones and the coffin they kinda look like cake too so depending on your light you could spin it in any direction.  A little imagination and you can go anywhere with these items! ♥

Wayward Halloween is coming October 16th - 31st!

♦ Kuro - Spooky caries  | Luana Dawg |  Wayward Halloween
   Kuro [Spooky caries] - Bat cake
   Kuro [Spooky caries] - Murder truffles
   Kuro [Spooky caries] - Bat truffles
   Kuro [Spooky caries] - Ghost
   Kuro [Spooky caries] - Hot chocolate RARE
   Kuro [Spooky caries] - Cookies

♦ [ILAYA] The Cemetery Gacha | Ilaya Allen | Wayward Halloween
   02 [ILAYA] Sarcophagus RARE
   07. [ILAYA] Grave Stone Let me out NOW!!!
   03. [ILAYA] Grave Stone Mrs. & Mr. DEAD REST IN PEACES

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