Monday, October 19, 2015

LOGO - Chloe Mesh Head

So I am going to be giving my thoughts on mesh heads over the next few posts so if it seems like they are long posts I am sorry :D

I will not lie, I have had the impression that with mesh heads we would all look the same.  While that holds true there is something everyone should keep in mind.  As a blogger, I see the same things over and over again.  We all wear the same fashions and we tend to all look the same after a while.  BUT with that being said you are who you are because of your personality.  While I understand that your looks might be unique I just find it a bit hard to believe we don't look alike in some way.

I am becoming addicted to mesh heads, this is not my first head, but one of my favorites.  LOGO has been making some faces that are winning me over.  This mesh head has expressions.  So that will allow you to not keep the same look.  With that being said there are many different designers that are coming out of the works and making skins for the heads.  (This head is is styled with Pink Fuel Skin - Morgana.  This skin was made for the Logo Alex head, but I found myself really liking the skin on this face)

If you are a first time mesh head user, and you are interested in trying the LOGO mesh head, I would definitely try the demo first.  Familiarize yourself with the demo and the huds that way first.  I found this helped me greatly.  I opened the box and was completely overwhelmed because folders were flowing into my box.  You get every color imaginable they make.  All are listed below.  The folders/boxes are very well organized and if you just breathe you will make it alive I promise :D

I would take a look below and see the lightest to darkest tones and think about what you want.  The demo however doesn't allow you to use skin appliers like other stores do, so the omega appliers for skins will have to wait till you purchase the head.  On that note, the skins provided are amazing, my personal favorite to play with was Bloom, not overly pale and not to tan.

The huds are easy to use.  When you wear it really is self explanatory as to what each thing does.  The only thing I would change is to make it bigger.  The words are slightly small and if you have issues seeing the screen it can bit a bit hard to read.   My only other complaint about this head is when you log off ... it goes back to default face expression which can be annoying at times.  I have a few looks that I like but I have to wear the hud to get them back.   You can however mix and match the eyes to the mouths.  Press the eyes to get that look you want, click the mouth to get another look click the middle of the picture for the face that is on the hud.  Simple really.  Make sure you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MASTER FOLDER they are your best friend!
Click picture to make larger

The hud shown above is for those of you who are using the skins provided.  If you are using omega appliers then you are stuck with the faces the skin maker gives.  The options for makeup and looks are not applicable with omega, just the expressions.

I think this is a long enough post, I am going to do one for Alex here soon.  I think all in all with all the diversity that you can pull with looks, with skin and movements with the expressions you are able to fully create a look that would reflect your personality.  You can have a unique look while having that pretty and smooth face.

As a blogger and photographer, the mesh face is my best friend.  It cuts time from having to process photo's you get the smooth look of lines that dont look jagged.  I dont know you will have to try them out and really test it.  I spent three days in my demo before I made a purchase, first the Alex head.  Then this one.  But I have many heads to test so .... keep an eye out for the Alex review next.  Till then I hope I gave some helpful information.  Or I just rambled which is possible too lol.

Items in the box     CREATOR : Maximillion Grant
♦ Skin Tones:  lightest to darkest they are Alabaster, Bloom, Almond, Amber and Cocoa.
♦ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar (Default) In each color
♦ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar (Options) In each color
♦ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Omega (Default)
♦ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Omega (Options)
♦ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Additional Shapes
♦ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Extras

1 Hybrid Body Shape (with Body Fat set to 0 and fully modifiable)
1 Hybrid Mesh Face
1 Mesh Neck (which fits a Body Fat 0 body shape)
1 Infinity Base Skin
1 Head Alpha (to hide the head of the Second Life avatar)
1 Eyes
1 Teeth & Tongue
1 Eyelashes & Eyelids
1 Hair Base
1 Customization HUD
1 Pair Rigged Human Ears
1 Expressions Mini-HUD (This is optional since all the expressions are also on the main HUD but it allows you keep a small HUD on screen at all times for changing your expression)

In the Options folder for each skin tone you will find:

Additional Necks for alternate body fat sizes
2 Infinity Base Skins (with alternate breast shading)
2 Stomach tattoo layers (for alternate stomach shading)
24 Nipple tattoos layers (8 alternate styles of nipples for each of the 3 different skin body styles)
1 Bottom tattoo layer (for alternate bottom shading)
2 Pairs Rigged Human Ears

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