Sunday, October 18, 2015

Playful Tiger

Meow everyone! Today is a fun day.  Epiphany is opened and if you are lucky to get in then yay, its been a few days so you might have a chance ♥  This event is not like others, what you do is play the gacha machines you take what you want and the items you dont need you have the option to either trade like normal, OR you can redeem them for points and get the exclusive items in a special area. Most of us want the exclusives.  They are amazing this round.  I had a fun time trying to win different items from the machines. 

This round my favorite was the kitty machine that is by Just Because.  It is rawr, its sexy and playful and perfect for those of us that like to be kitties.  Like me.  Or you could spin it and make it just as innocent and fun and be a playful cat wandering around.  Either way you can be so diverse in this!  What I love is that you have the opportunity to have mix and match and win different cats, you get so much from this set and its just fun to see what you get.  I am sure this will be on me often.

Speaking of Just Because she has a new release in her store too!! The sports bra I am wearing in this picture is part of her new stuff at the main store, you really need to head over and check it out.  She makes mesh for the bodies too. So you can be normal system body and mesh and still get the full benefits of her clothing.  But as always please test the demo.  So you can assure the best fit.

♦ Gacha Items: *JB* Kitty Ears - Tiger ..... Annie Melson .....Epiphany Common
                         *JB* Kitty Eye - Green - RARE..... Annie Melson .....Epiphany
                         *JB* Kitty Tail - Tiger..... Annie Melson .....Epiphany Common
                         *JB* Kitty Whiskers - White..... Annie Melson .....Epiphany Common
                         *Just BECAUSE* Kitty Collar - White - RARE..... Annie Melson .....Epiphany
                         *JB* Epiphany Exclusive - Black Underwear - Maitreya..... Annie Melson .....Epiphany
♦ Top: *JB* Casey Sports Bra - Black ..... Annie Melson .....NEW
♦ Bows: *MUKA* Burlesque Bow - Wrists and Leg ..... Muka Release
♦ Hair: Exile:: Strange and Unusual ..... Kavar Cleanslate .....Collabor88
♦ Head: LOGO Alex v2 Omega Mesh Face - All Expressions.....Maximillion Grant
♦ Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3.....Onyx LeShelle
♦ Skin Appliers: [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana.....Mochi Milena.....NEW

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