Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn Day on the Pavillion

Hey all, some really awesome things happening with Sway's.  There are big events going on as well that she is partaking in.  Geeks and Nerds is a really cute event that caters to ... you guess it us Geeks and nerds,  here you will find the book shelf, the chairs and the pillows that are on the chairs. 

Then Wayward Events is opened.  Here you will find all the Halloweeny Gacha machines that will have fun and creative items from designers all over SL.  What I love about Wayward is the creator takes such great time to provide us with an experience that is fun.  Its not just a sim that has shops on it, its a sim that will allow you to hang out, have fun, take pictures and just relax.  Now while the event just opened and the sim could be full its opened long enough to allow people come and enjoy all the awesomeness. 

Finally Sway's is hosting her own little hunt.  You wander the sim take in the sites and find the leaves once your hud is full you head back to the main point touch the box and get your scarecrow prize and he is such a sweet looking thing too, I will love placing him in my garden when I post this.  Its perfect for your autumn life ♥

Items by Sway Dench  - SWAY'S
Sway's [Boo] Halloween Garland . Happy Halloween RARE - WAYWARD HALLOWEEN
Sway's [Boo] Scarecrow - SwayLand Autumn Hunt (October 15th - November 2nd)
Sway's [Konrad] Chair . dark - GEEKS AND NERDS
Sway's [Text Emoticon] Pillows . <3 RARE - GEEKS AND NERDS
Sway's [Text Emoticon] Pillows . :* RARE - GEEKS AND NERDS
Sway's [Konrad] Shelf with back wall filled - GEEKS AND NERDS

[DDD] Branch Gazebo - creator has a new store Jian

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