Wednesday, December 7, 2016

LOTD 12-7

Hiiii Everyone! So Today is a look of the day kinda look.  I am not sure what I wanted to call this look but honestly I love it.  This outfit is a collaboration between two great designers, the dress by Apple May and the hair by Runaway.  This dress is hooded, and comes in several colors, I really love the dark black with the blood red hair. I was drawn to this look almost instantly.  There are tons of colors in this pack though for the hair, and it comes with a hood version and a non hood version.  Its absolutely gorgeous ♥  Make sure you pick them up at The Liaison Collaborative.

Next up is Cosmopolitan, this event you can find CAE! I love her stuff, and just in time for the holidays is this Christmas Tree necklace and the matching earrings.  I love love love the silver with the Christmas color gems.  This set is very festive and amazing, and its a perfect look with this hair, because people can see your earrings.  Which tends to be a problem for me. I have all these great sets and the hairs never show off the ears.  Now you can have them both ♥ 

Just for the fun of it, I have reverted back to my Logo Head, which I am realizing I still love! I think its the addict in me that wants them so much.  I have so many heads, but I think for being my first love of a head it never goes out of style.  Alex is still my favorite of all my heads hehe.  Make sure you check in with Pink Fuel which is the skin I am wearing with it.  I heard there are some new ones coming out very very soon!

Dress ... Apple May Design - May Hoodie Dress (Maitreya) - Charcoal  | Apple May | The Liaison Collaborative
Hair .... [RA] May Hair - Fitted for May Hoodie (Maitreya)  | Candela Kira | The Liaison Collaborative
Earrings ... Cae :: Tannenbaum :: Earring | caelan.hancroft | Cosmopolitan
Necklace .... Cae :: Tannenbaum :: Necklace  | caelan.hancroft | Cosmopolitan
Head .... LOGO Alex v3.1 Omega Mesh Face  | Maximillion Grant |
Skin .... [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana  | Mochi Milena |

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