Sunday, December 4, 2016

Me and Grumpy Cat

Good Morning ... well Afternoon ... maybe night for some of you.  I decided to take a little adventure at some of the Holiday themed sims and I found one that is rather cute.  So all the decoration behind me is not mine.  But I will link you to where I was standing :D  HERE

While I have been living in this outfit for a while now, I think its time to blog it.  I am prolly starting to smell a little.    There are TONS of events that just opened and some that just recently opened.  I been to UBER a few times and its like each time I go back I find something else, I wanted.  This time its my hair from Besom.  I been living in the demo for about three days because I couldn't pick what I wanted really.  Finally I settled on the browns.  Yes you could get the fatpack, but I tend to love her browns the most and some of her blonds, now I will tell you in the fatpack you do get all the essentric colors that are really bright and neon so don't forget about that :D

Now there are some really amazing Main store releases happening, like the top/jacket I am wearing by Blueberry.  It even has the necklace I am wearing with it attached so you are are already to slide it on and out you go.  There is always a fatpack available for you to have, and a hud that allows you change the colors of different areas of the top.  Its amazing.   Now pair it with another main store release like Addams new boyfriend pants and its a hit! I am in love with these pants, the holes are just right and even though its cold outside its a great look! I have been seeing people pair them with leggings, now I havent tried this yet, but I might give it a go ♥

If you have managed to get into Arcade, you can get my NOPE cat.  This siamese kitty is the one I got on the first try and I consider myself lucky because I adore siamese kitty's.  So this one is one of my favorites, a plain kitty that I can cuddle up too. All year round.  There are different versions of the kitty in the machine and you can win them all if you want ... but I am not a cat lady ... I swear O.o

Finally I paired this off with my boots from Reign, we all know that everyone loves the Reign shoes and these boots are amazing.  They automatically came in the fatpack so for a really low price you get a plethora of colors to choose from and all of them match outfits you could have in your inventory.  Including the Blueberry outfits.  So if you dont want to do brown like I chosen you can wear any color you want. 

Welp that is all I got for now, check out all the links below and have fun shopping!

Hair:  *Besom~Star | kattington | UBER
Kitty:  *HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat - Siamese Cuddle | Corwin Lacourte | Arcade
Pants:  Addams - Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans - Maitreya Lara | AmaliaRainwood | NEW
Top:  Blueberry - Tiffany Jackets - Maitreya | blueberryxx | NEW
Nails:  e.marie // NAILS accent L (maitreya 10) | emilianamarie | NEW
Shoes:  REIGN.- Amelia Fringed Booties (Maitreya-High) | kenadeecole | N21
Skin:  Insol: face Candy (CATWA), ST03 'Peach' | almercury | UBER
Eyes:  CATWA UN-RIGGED EYE | catwa.clip |
Head:  CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.9 | catwa.clip |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5 | Onyx LeShelle |
Pose:  Infiniti - Elegance | Brandi Monroe |

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