Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beauty is on the Outside

Hi Everyone, So I am being a lazy booty today and doing a home and garden post, I didn't wanna put clothes on so ... sitting out furniture was easier.  Though I am sure some of you wouldn't think so haha. 

I am showing off items by Sway's this little couples bed/lounger is adorable, I really like it.  There are singles poses in it as well.  It is one of the Rares from the Fasntasy Gacha.  If you play the machine you get the singles only, the Rares are the ones with couples. 

If you missed FLF you can still get these cute little planters from Sway's at the normal price.  There are two kinds with three different plants, you have the cats showing here, with Cacti, Flowers, or Grass.  Or you could have the Fox version with the same flora in it. 

So have fun shopping and while you are at the Sway's sim ... look around because she has an absolute gorgeous sim ♥

Items Created by Sway Dench of Sway's
Sway's [Nari] Couple Lounger . ivory RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha
Sway's [Cat] Planter . Cactus @ Fifty Linden Friday
Sway's [Cat] Planter . Flower
Sway's [Cat] Planter . Grass

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