Monday, July 11, 2016

Beautifully Vintage

Hi everyone! Its been a while since I had done a Home and Garden like post.  So I had this large space in my house that would be really cute for sitting area.  Though most of my furniture is more for the living room, couches and such.  I swear I am just a lazy shopper.  So I hit up the Chapter Four because I love going there and playing the Gacha, because frankly there are some really good things in them.  Welp this time was no different. 

I am showing off another amazing creations from the furniture side of Glam Affair.  I know when I show things off from this store, they are mostly skins.  So when they place out new furniture, I am always curious to see what it is.  This time I am happy to show you, what I consider a vintage collection. This reminds me of my grandma's house, with my grandfather in the smoking chairs.  I instantly fell in love with the look and style of this set.  There are two rares to win and lots of amazing commons.  And to top it all off, it fits the decor of my home and I was able to fill that space that desperately needed a sitting area.  So its totally a double win, memories and space filler!

Glam Affair - Joy Gacha  - By Amberly Boccaccio - The Chapter Four

Glam Affair - Joy - Cabinet RARE
Glam Affair - Joy - Chair Grey RARE
Glam Affair - Joy - Plant
Glam Affair - Joy - Rug
Glam Affair - Joy - Chair Biscuit
Glam Affair - Joy - Wood Lantern Brown
Glam Affair - Joy - Hanging Lamps
Glam Affair - Joy - Painting 2
Glam Affair - Joy - Painting 1

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