Thursday, June 16, 2016

Beautiful Boat Tea Lights

Good Evening everyone! I am begining to think I am addicted to blogging by my pool.  But that is ok, because right now its my favorite place around my house.  Its hot out and its summer.  The sun does eventually go down an the lights start to go out and it gets dark.  So what I really need are some pretty candles to set by my water. 

Sway's is part of FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) which is happening tomorrow.  There are six candles in the pack.  They are copy, mod and no trans.  If you do not mod them, they are 2LI and cute.  The candles are also material enabled so you can see the shine on them.  Touch the wick and the lights go out. 

I didnt do this with mine, but I feel if you sat them in the water they would make cute little floating tea lights.  I might sprinkle them around and see how that turns out.  But these guys are adorable.  Gold and Silver bases looking amazing no matter what you choose.  Mix and match or just use all of one color.  I think you would be happy with them and hey 50L is a great deal.

Sway's [Ahoy] Boat candles - Sway Dench - Fifty Linden Friday

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