Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Dock

So today, I am working on my little garden on the ground level.  At FaMeshed, there is a cute dock by DaD Designs, which is really cool.  you get all the makings to build your own dock and I really love this because you can make it as bit or as small as you want.  And believe me there are ENDLESS possibilities.  I built one that was under 30 Land Impact which is rather large in my opinion.  it holds a lot and you can add as little or as much as you want. 

I have little trinkets hiding in my inventory that is perfect for the summer and I scattered some all over my dock.  Which tells me its time to clean my inventory because it was a mess and I couldnt find anything hehe.  But I am finding that I am hiding stuff I love ... like my Cheeky Pea chair and my Pup Tent from Revival! 

Dock:  DaD DESIGN "Sweet Dreams Modular Dock & Pier" | sheerpetal Roussel | FaMeshed
Scooter:  [tmk] 2tone skoota - yellow| tanakachang |
Tent:  .:revival:. pup tent spring - ADULT | Momentous |
Chair:  :CP: Margarita Beach Chair Sea (Adult) | Isla Gealach |
Boat:  .:revival:. boat shelter - ADULT | Momentous |
Soda Machine:  *ionic* Soda Machine | lakua Arriaga |

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