Saturday, March 5, 2016

The View

Hey everyone.  So I come around this morning and the first thing I have is this amazing view outside my doors.  It feels like its a crisp clean day. Its morning and bright, and the sun shines down and lays all these amazing shadows all over.  And while its a virtual world, its absolutely amazing. ♥

I am sporting new stuff from several different designers today.  Some from events that just opened and just things I had in my inventory. First off is the new top from Blueberry.  I love the design of it.  The cute straps that cross across the chest.  Its a bit of a low cut and shows off certain assets nicely.

I was at FaMeshed and I got this amazing hair from Besom.  I am in love with it, its long and flows, it has a slight curl/wave to it.  I picked out the essential colors, but I am really loving the blond that came in the package ... so yea I cheated and kept it shh don't tell.

I am matching my shirt with one of my favorite Blueberry pants and Reign shoes.  Those are my go to in my folder currently when I feel like I have nothing to wear.  I think its because I own so much of it honestly, I am like oh ... what to wear and duh, those two come up the most hehe.  At least I look good ... I think ♥

Top: Blueberry - Satin Tops /Tight/ - Maitreya  | blueberryxx | NEW
Pants:  Blueberry - Mia Jeans - Regular - Maitreya  | blueberryxx |
Ears:  ::E*cko::  -  Panda Ears #1  | draake | NEW
Hair:  Besom~ Whinny *Breasts*  | kattington | FaMeshed
Shoes:  REIGN.- Rissa Plats (Maitreya)- Black  | kenadeecole |
Head:  LOGO Sadie v5.0 Omega Mesh Face  | Maximillion Grant | Updated
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5  | Onyx LeShelle |

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