Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentine Day Extravoganza

Hi Everyone.  I am getting this post out early.  Valentines day will be hitting us soon and all you lovers out there will not want to miss this.  Between having the Heart Shaped bridge, the Pavilion and the yummy nummy goodies that are out  you will have the best set for V-day. 

Aphrodite/Heart Homes always has the best sets out for the holidays.  Everything is interactive, click and you get the funnest of items.  Whether it be food, drinks, accessories, poses ... you pretty much get it all.   What I am loving with these items is the quality, I am seeing so much improvement over the year of buying their items.  Things are looking more realistic, and the mesh is growing too! That is in no way shape of saying their quality was lacking before.  Just over time people grow and learn and get better.  This is definitely something I would love to use more than just the holidays hehe.

Aphodite "Everlasting Romance" Pose set & outdoor deco
-14 couples poses

Aphrodite Valentines buffet - Ideal Valentines party!
-Many food items - click for foods

Heart Homes "Four Seasons" Pavillion
-Male and Female poses 6 poses
-Couple poses 4 poses

Heart Homes  "Winter Cozy Bench"
-Couples 11 couples  
-Singles 9 singles
Built in props and fun items

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