Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Waters are Calm for a Ride

So I thought I would take a picture of the sun over the mountains where I live and I realized I had some good home and garden shots.  Sooo Imma blog some of it up. 

I got this boat from Aphrodite/ Heart Homes.  But I want to place a warning with this picture, I did make the boat smaller for my water picture needs, because frankly its a really nice sized boat that is great for house boating on.  But for me, It didnt quite fit.  But I loved it and it was mod.  With it being small I couldnt go on the boat inside... but it does make for good decoration.  Its gorgeous in all windlight settings. 

Wayward Market is opened and you can find my bench by Sway's it has a ton ... and I mean a ton of poses in it.  Including couples.  Which is a good thing to have.  It has different pillow blanket looks too so you can customize the look you want.  There are many potentials for this bench specially when the winter hits :D

The tree swing in the background is from a past Collabor item from Trompe.  You can find this tree at her main store I believe.  I have the adult version, there is a PG version you can get.  But I am barely PG these days haha.  Anyhoo, its a fun tree and has some of the best movement poses around.  And some great romantical snuggles.  a must have and the leaves even change colors!

Sway's [Emilia] Bench  | Sway Dench | Wayward Market
Heart Homes "Ferry Boat"   | Jaylin Whitewood |  NEW
[DDD] Small Patch of Leaves (Heavy)   | Kalia Firelyte |
Jian - Birdy Home Petunia Planter   | Kalia Firelyte |
Trompe Loeil - Ceres Tree Swing {A}   | cory.edo | Past Collabor88
Hayabusa Design - Field 2 of Grass and Flowers M4 v1-1 T1 G  | Mitsuko Kytori |  NEW
[Blue Field] Sculpted grass 10x10  | Melchizedek Blauvelt |

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