Monday, November 16, 2015

Lets End the Day with a Bottle of Wine

Hey everyone! There are tons of new things happening in SL right now specially with events.  I am showing off some items from three different events in this post.  Starting with the Kustom9, this event just opened and by miracle I made it in before it got all packed.  I really wanted this new hair by Tableau Vivant. What I really like is that it fits my mesh head and the color choices are amazing.  This slightly messy/wavy style is a great combination if you wanna look classy and yet relaxed all at the same time.  Its a great pair with anything you wear ♥

Next is my top from Forever Young, now its suppose to be a body suit, but I loved it so much that I wanted to wear it as a top instead, Now this item is a mesh body applier, but Hannah is amazing enough to add in system clothing layers for those that don't have bodies, but I will admit if you have a mesh body your layers will look at little smooth and less jaggity.  Not to say the items are bad, so please don't think I would say that, but most of us know the issues with normal SL body these days. You can buy this currently at the Thrift Shop hosted by Depraved Nation

My new favorite from Blueberry, and honestly, I think every time she makes a release its my new favorite haha.  But this skirt is Rawr, its a side slit skirt with a belt.  Like always have the fat pack so you get this amazing hud that allows you to have every color possible.  With that being said you do get a belt and no belt option.  Being the awesome designer she is ... this skirt comes in most mesh body sizes and for those that don't have the body you can wear the standard sizing to find a fit.  So please make sure you try the demo before you purchase and get the right fit.♥

Last but not least is Eudora, I am in love with this designer because of the hard working details that he places into his items.  My necklace and bracelet I am wearing can be found at Enchantment. With this set you will find in the package a HUD that will let you control the metal colors, the stone colors, but not only that there are different sections of the stone pieces on the necklace that you change up, so you don't have to have just a single color.  I like the idea of the variety you get with his items.  Its the same with everything he makes, you get your choices and making unique looks are always fun and appealing. ♥

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Countess hair [S] - Basics  | M4ri1yn Magic | Kustom9
Skirt: Blueberry -Harlow- Split Skirt & Belt - Freya  | blueberryxx | NEW
Top:  :FY: Comfy Jammies | Hannah Lacombe | Thrift Shop
Bracelets: Eudora 3D Eritia Bracelets Steel  | Eudora3D | Enchantment
Necklace:  Eudora 3D Eritia Necklace Steel  | Eudora3D | Enchantment
Head:  LOGO Alex v2 Omega Mesh Face - All Expressions  | Maximillion Grant |
Skin:  Glam Affair - Sia Appleirs for LOGO   | Aida Ewing |
Body:  -Belleza- Freya  | Tricky Boucher |

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