Saturday, November 28, 2015

Comfortable in Bed

Hi everyone. So I am showing off the Chloe head.  I have done a post for this head before, but I wanted to tell you this head was updated just like the Alex.  Meaning this head has omega tattoo layer so you can wear makeups from your favorite designers that would make them for omega.   My advice like always is to try the demo before you buy.  Just to make sure things fit right.  You don't want to get something that puts makeup on your nose or something odd like that hahaha. This head is gorgeous and I am wearing it with the amazing skin from Glam Affair that is at Shiny Shabby, which is the Melanie skin.  (tones are in a gacha machine).

I was at Vista today looking at AO's and happen to see they sell clothing now too! So I bought the newest dress that came out today.  Its a two piece you can wear it with the jacket with out the jacket, or with the dress or without.  There are so many colors to choose from.  So you can mix and match as you please.

There is a gift at Apple May right now for 1L which is the cute hair piece that I have on right now.  It comes with a color HUD that will allow you to choose from four color choices I believe.  I have the dark color in my hair right now.  So run on over and check it out along with all the other cool items in her store, you will definitely find things you will want ♥

The last thing I wanna talk about is my bed.  Its by Trompe and I love it.  So many poses are in it.  You can find many ways to get great pictures, but each one is fluid in movement.  I like the fact that you click parts of the bed and change the looks, there are so many different possibilities that you can get from this bed.  It comes with and without lights.  I am highly impressed with this bed and the naughty animations are awesome! And for you PG peeps there is a PG bed too.

Jacket: Absolut Vendetta - Skadi dress upper*BELLEZA | VistaMeshNEW
Dress:  Absolut Vendetta - Skadi dress*BELLEZA  | VistaMesh | NEW
Hair Piece:  (AMD) Autumn n' Pearls *Side* | Apple May | 1L Gift
Necklace: [ Infliction ] Tagged Collar // Scripted // Silver | asylum.miggins |
Hair:  [e] Estelle | elikapeka.tiramisu
Head:  LOGO Chloe v5.0 Omega Mesh Face | Maximillion Grant | UPDATED
Body:  -Belleza- Freya | Tricky Boucher |

Bed: Trompe Loeil - Jayden Bed + Lights Raw {A} | cory.edo | UBER

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