Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Be Still My Heart ...

Hiii everyone.  So I am overly excited on this post because SO much is happening, so that is why I said be still my heart, because I am seriously freaking out :D   If you know that song good and 500000 points for you.

LOGO has updated the Alex head, NOW you can use omega make up appliers for like shadows, blushes and lips sticks.  Even better if your hair didn't fit you before you can now alpha parts of it! So your hair will fit amazing!!!! There are so many different things in the update that the head is officially my favorite.  But then again it was before the update. So go get a demo and check it out and play with it.  In the demo you play with everything, the only thing you cant do is try appliers on it which is fine, because honestly you will wear the head and want it!

Glam Affair has released a new applier for the logo head, its at Shiny Shabby and they are in a gacha machine so you can win all your favorites.  I love how her skins match the head, they are gorgeous and just what I want to look like.  So I do hope she keeps up the amazing work and release more for the heads.  (inserts the begging and pleading here for it.)

The Fantasy Collective has opened and there are so many free gifts there for the birthday you can have.  And while you are collecting you can get the two items I am wearing.  The hair that is from Tableau which I am loving on these curls.  They are long and go down the back and almost to the booty.  Perfection in the curls.  And the box gift is the roses in my hair.  This is a nice attachment to the hair.

Then while you are shopping there, you will find this jumper corset legging outfit.  There is so much you can call the pants I am wearing.  This is absolutely gorgeous made, I love the intricate details on it.  There is a demo, and on that they do fit the mesh body, and they fit the normal bodies too. This is a item I recommend trying this one out. 

TOP:  FnH Zip Crop White : Belleza : Top Applier   | melanie.jaehun |
HAIR: Tableau Vivant \\ Eliza hair - Basics   | M4ri1yn Magic | The Fantasy Collective
ROSES: Tableau Vivant \\ Ever After roses (left)   | M4ri1yn Magic |The Fantasy Collective Gift
SKIN:  Glam Affair - Melanie Appleirs for LOGO  | Aida Ewing | Shiny Shabby
PANTS:  Yasum*Armor Leggings*Size 4*   | Azlyn Vaher | The Fantasy Collective
NECKLACE:  **RE** Cora Necklace A+B  | crashnoww |
BODY:  -Belleza- Freya   | Tricky Boucher |
HEAD:  LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face   | Maximillion Grant | UPDATED

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