Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glam Awesomeness!

Hi everyone, I am really excited to show this.  SO, The Lost and Found has opened, its by the same creators of Chapter Four.  So most everyone knows that I love love love Glam Affair items.  Did you know that they create home items too! This is just as exciting. 

There are 11 items that you can win at the Lost and Found event.  This sky box and several accessories that you can place inside it.   Each piece is made very well, I really like how they make the room pop.  The box is not very big, so it will fit on smaller parcels.  Which is something I like.  It doesn't use up many prims either :D 

Click to make the picture bigger!

Glam Affair - Glam Ambient | amberly.boccaccio | Lost&Found

Items you can win in the Gacha
1. Glam Affair - Hanging Chair Animal Version
2. Glam Affair - Hanging Chair Plain version
3. Glam Affair - Elephant Silhoutte
4. Glam Affair - Candles
5. Glam Affair - Coffee Table
6. Glam Affair - Tropical Plant (Not shown sorry :(  I missed it)
7. glam Affair - Lamp
8. Glam Affair - Consolle Table
9. Glam Affair - Animal Rug 1
10. Glam Affair - Zebra Rug
11. Glam Affair - Skybox RARE

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