Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Healthy Game Night

Hiii everyone, so I am doing another fun little post.  Sways has placed out some new couch sets that come with vases and apples and yummy goodness.  With that you have a choice of adult, or PG and its amazing.  The snuggles cuddles and other poses are amazing. 

On the table you will find the Plethora items for Romp.  Tablet, Smartphone, and the amazing game Dice of Sin.  Click the bubble and the dice will spin.  They land and that is what you must do.  Its a kinky little game that is fun to play.  Are you brave enough to give it a shot?  Well if you dont want to do that there are always the phones and the tablets, they are click and pictures show, just like a normal phone they will lock after a moment.  Or you can wear the tablet and when you type the chat motion will happen and fun little things will pop on the screen.  Love it! ♥

Sway's [Erika] Set . harvest / Adult
Couch -  Apples -  Vases - Table

Plethora - Smartphone - Blush Flirt
Plethora - Tablet - Silver Mistress
Plethora - Dice of Sin


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