Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cabin in the Woods

Hey everyone, its a been a bit since I done a blog, I been cleaning my inventory its a mess.  Crazy messy.  But I felt inspired when I got to these items from We <3 RP.  The event opened on the 4th and is opened till the end of the month.  So its only 6 days in.  There are so many amazing things to found, I thought I would show off the home and garden items.  I am pairing things from Jian, Dysfunctional Design, and Figment.   What I love about this round is that with October being here, they are perfect for scary fall items.  And what really pulled me in was the floating candles and how they light up (I know my picture doesnt really give it juststice)  and the picture in the background, I did a close up of.  It goes from beautiful lady to beautiful dead lady.  I call her beautiful cause even dead there is a quality of her that is like oh ... she is still very pretty.   Morbid I know but I love it.

So take a look at We <3 RP website

Or take this TP and go shopping .. there will be more coming from this event soon on my blog ♥

Click to make the picture bigger ♥

Jian :: Wishing Well  (jiansl) We <3 RP
*Figment* Ghostly Hand (dreamfantasia.nightfire) We <3 RP
*Figment* Floating Candles (dreamfantasia.nightfire) We <3 RP
*Figment* Haunted Portrait (dreamfantasia.nightfire) We <3 RP
[DDD] Moorside Cottage  (anke.hatchuk) We <3 RP

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