Monday, October 5, 2015

Aphrodite Halloween Party

Hiii everyone! Halloween is at the end of this month and Aphrodite is all set up on their sim for you to and hunt items and find creepy spooky thingers.  And I am ready to party!!! All the yummies.  Like all food items with these tables you click and get the goodies.  What I am loving is the soda's you get monster sodas! they are so darn adorable.

 Around the table I have various story telling items.  You click the Mirror, the book, or the Grave stone and you will get the menu for stories and there are lots of them.  The Mirror has a face that comes out and tells you a story.  The grave stone has light up eyes and it moves its mouth and tells stories, and the book you click and you get a plethora of stories. 

If you love Halloween like me then this is great for you! So head over to Aphrodite and check out the whole Holiday section and pick these up and other fun things ♥

Aphrodite "Halloween Party" Table
Aphrodite Halloween Talking Ghoul (Animated) v1.1
Aphrodite "The witching hour" scary stories Halloween book
Ghoulish Grandads Gravestone
Aphrodite gothic haunted table

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