Thursday, October 29, 2015

AMD Trick or Treat

Hey everyone, I am tossing out a really cute post for the AMD (Apple May Designs) Trick or Treat event.  This is happening tonight till the 1st! So you got a few days to go play some machines, have some fun and get goodies.  This is all being hosted on the AMD Fruitatious sim which you can tp to here .... GET YOUR RIDE HERE 

I have chosen this post to show off the decor items that you can play to win and get and purchase and all that fun stuff.  There are so many amazing little stores that you can visit, this is not a HUGE event so its a collection of amazing little stores of well established and new comers that are wanting to get their names out.  You will find all sorts of little trinkets here.  And if you want to go the clothing route, I will post a sampling of what you can find there soon! So for now ......

7pm SLT you will be able to get to the sim and have a little fun ♥ 

 {Lyrical} Pumpkin Shots Platter (Aryiana Novelli)
 xin. pumpkin decor + small (superjaix)
xin. pumpkin decor + large  (superjaix)
uK- Autumn Pose Pouf (jamie.rozenberg)

Items in the above Picture are by Kærri (kaerri.rae)
Yellow Orchid Ikebana
Casa Fall Table
Pumpkin Candle Tray
Fall Wreath
Yellow Fall Roses
Fall Gazebo
Casa Fall Chair
Fall Wagon

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