Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lazy Autumn Day

Hi everyone.  I am doing a lazy day Autumn post while I am decorating my log.  I was a bad blogger and completely forgot about my Sway's log that I had gotten.  Its really cute.  There are tons of sits in it, and there are couples poses too.  What makes this unique is that you can click it and change the colors to fit the theme of the seasons, or well that is how I took it.  This cream and orange with the blue pillow was perfect for my fall landscaping.  And it looks amazing with my truck. 

As for the fashion world of things there are tons of cute items coming out that could make your fall and soon to be winter very cozy.  Take my scarf for example.  This is an Apple May creation, that comes in a variety of colors, there is a man version and a woman version on that you can size it too ♥  I paired it with other Apple May accessories from her store :D

Forever Young has placed out  a nice top.  This does come with appliers for the body, and you can use it as a norm if you dont have a mesh body.  But like I mention I prefer the mesh body version.  What I like about this there are many different colors all of which are perfect for the fall.  Comfortable looking and yet slightly sexy with the low cut.

Finally I am showing off new pants by Addams which you can pick up at the new round of Kustom9.  I love how the mesh fits and there are leggings under the torn jeans.  I was told the fat pack will allow you to change the color of the leggin.  So ... I might go back and get it because these jeans are fabulous ♥

♥ Shirt:   :FY: Brianne Henley - Brown  (hannah.lacombe)
♥ Pants:  Addams // Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jean // (AmaliaRainwood)
♥ Scarf:  Winter is Coming Scarf (Apple May)
♥ Glasses:  Broken Nerd Glasses - Red  (Apple May)
♥ Bracers:  Simple Bracer (L) - Brown Leather *F* (Apple May)
♥ Ring:  EF: Heritage Ring - Silver (empyreanforge)
♥ Hair:  Exile::Like the Desert Tonight (Kavar Cleanslate)
♥ Necklace:  Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (Izzie Button)
♥ Shoes:  JD - UGZ Maitreya Beige-  (davidefre)
♥ Skin:  Glam Affair - Marta America - Clean E (Aida Ewing)
♥ Makeups:  Glam Affair - Marta Lipstick - 3  (Aida Ewing)
                     Glam Affair - Marta Eyes Makeup - 03 (Aida Ewing)

♥ Log:  Sway's [Walden] Cuddle Log with Blanket . chevron pattern  (Sway Dench)
♥ Truck:  [Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Truck SKY A (ValiantCo)

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