Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beautiful Autumn Day

This isnt going to be a long post, but I am in love with this tree.  This Hayabusa tree is gorgeous.  While a picture can say 1000 words this still does it no justice.  This is taken with just windlight and I soft off focus the outter edge to bring in more focus on the tree.

The Magnolia moves in the wind.  You will be transfixed on this baby.  I am loving it. I could spend the day just watching it.  This will drive me to want to have more around my yard.  I have played with it some and you can resize it and make it fit your land how you would like too.  This is something I am loving.  And its mesh too ♥

Hayabusa Design Magnolia Wada Geometry Curved HD-A M3 v1-2 T3G  (Mitsuko Kytori)

[we're CLOSED] row boat  (mandingo.quan)
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Truck SKY A (ValiantCo)
Botanical - T2C Sugar Maple D  (Kriss Lehmann)
[DDD] Branch Gazebo (Kalia Firelyte)
[ Organica ] Barley Stook  (Aki Shichiroji)

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