Friday, September 18, 2015

All Bout the Comfort Food

Hiii everyone!  Who loves cooking?! I doooooo.  Well Aphrodite/Heart Homes has released this amazingcabob of a dining set/oven thing.  So this is extremely family friendly and I love it because you can have your kiddos help you cook! Or if you dont have kids that ok too! Because your love can help you cook.  Well anyone can help you cook its so fun.   This oven is packed with all kinds of meals and poses.  There are accessories built in so you can attach right away and when done they are gone so no clutter of the inventory!

SOUND EFFECTS WHAT?! yessa, you can hear the food cooking and see it baking right before you eyes.  There are sounds that mimic the food cooking and the smoke that floats up from the stove.  So what happens when your food is done you ask?  (Yep you can see the stages of the food being done)

THE TABLE! you go to your table click your placemat and BAM! food for your mouth.  You will have so much fun doing this.  Believe me.  I feel this is one of Aphrodite's best products yet.  Check out my pictures below.  I will tell that this is fun, easy and very interactive, I could have taken so many pictures if I had done that you wouldnt wanna try it.  You can demo this at the Aphrodite homeland and see for yourself, its amazballs trust me. ♥

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Aphrodite/Heart Homes :  "Grandmas Vintage" Dining Room 
By Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood

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