Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do you wanna be a Harpy?

Hey everyone.  Collabor88 has just opened and there are Amazing things happening there.  I know that everyone is trying to get in and it will take a while so I wanna show you some of the amazing that you can find there.  Lets start with Glam Affair.  There are two things there that you can grab, Amberly, has made these amazing wings, they remind me of being a harpy.  I dont know why, but I feel it and I went with it.  There are different colors you could have too so I chose the darker to showcase to keep the theme.   Then Aida has placed out a skin (yay)  its a clean version with very little makeup or non as some of us consider it.  So all the tones are available! What this means is that you can get your tone, and then wear it and different make ups are with it.  Which is something I really like about skins like this.  You can create your look which is awwwwwesome!♥ Im am rawking the Europa skin with the smokey eyes and purplish lips which pulls my dark harpy look together. Love it.

While at Collabor88 you should check out the new Exile hair.  There are two availble, and this is one.  I got the fatpack because I love all the colors, this is in the wild fusion 1 pack.  Its the slightly dark hair with light brown at the bottom.  I love how that ties into the look because honestly, it matches my wings.  So make sure you keep trying to get into Collab and have fun make a look all your own or hey copy me ... I dont care, that is the fun of showing fashion ♥

♥ Hair:  Exile::Songbird (Kavar Cleanslate)  Collabor88
♥ Wings:  Glam Affair - Sya Wings Raven (amberly.boccaccio) Collabor88
♥ Skin:  Glam Affair - Marta Europa - Clean E  (Aida Ewing) Collabor88
♥ Brow:  Glam Affair -  Marta Suggest - eyebrown shape 4 (Aida Ewing)
♥ Lipstick:  Glam Affair - Marta Lipstick - 8 (Aida Ewing)
♥ Shadow:  Glam Affair - Marta Eyes Makeup - 02 (Aida Ewing)
♥ Lingerie: Sweet Thing. Daydream Teddy - Petal Pink (ayashula)
♥ Pose:  Infiniti - Move 5 (Brandi Monroe)

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