Saturday, September 26, 2015

Autumn Tea Time

Its Autumn now, and its time for all the fall items to come out.  The leaves are changing and the colors are brilliant. I am in love with this time of the year ♥

I am showing off the new couples set from Aphrodite/Heart Homes.  This is a tea set that is full of romance.  You and your partner will have an amazing date if you sit and share a cup of tea.  A great time to take a break and just breathe and enjoy each other. 

What you get is a full set, white or cream in color (cream shown) and you get props.  There is a romantical glow candle, two chairs the table, a cake and tea set.  There are poses in here for you and your loved one and you will be happy with this set. 

The animations are smooth and easy to adjust ... did I mention you get cake?  Who doesnt love cake.  YUM! ♥

Aphrodite: "Magic Fall" Tea Set For Couples
19 Poses
5 Props
Comes with Chairs, Teaset, Table, Candle, and Cake! <-- who doesnt love cake!

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