Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Lovin' on the Beach

Is everyone Ready for the Arcade to happen!! I know I am and I have the pleasure of showing you a sneak peak of what Sway's is about to offer!! These tents are absolutely perfect for when you want to camp down by the beach ... fall asleep to the waves rushing over the sand ... use the lanterns to light up the night when it happens.

You can even take your snuggle buddy, like I have.  I got the husband in my tent with me and there are four amazing poses for couples (PG).  There are singles and friends poses too.  All of which are adorable, and so much fun.  There are so many to win its hard to choose which ones you would want, so I suggest you get them all! Decorate your land with little tents all over!

All Tents with 8 single/friends and 4 couple animations.
Tent with string lights* - light on/off - 9Li
Tent with bunting* - 8Li
other Tent - 7Li
Oil lamps - light on/off - 1Li

Gacha - 50L$ / play - 14 to collect - 4 rare*

Sway's [Camp out] Tent . starry night RARE  -  ARCADE
Sway's [Camp out] Tent . shore  -  ARCADE
Sway's [Camp out] Tent . love RARE  -  ARCADE
Sway's [Camp out] Oil lamp . love  -  ARCADE
Sway's [Camp out] Oil lamp . starry night  -  ARCADE
Sway's [Summer] Drinking Jar A
Sway's [Summer] Drinking Jar B
Sway's [Jar World] Camping
Sway's [Souvenir Jar] beach

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