Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lazy Day in the Sun

Its hot outside, and the sun is beating on the water warming it up for the day and you get all these amazing floaties and all you want to do is get in the water and have so much fun.  I am totally wishing summer would never end.   Now you can have summer all you want with these amazing floats.  In your pool, in the lake, on the beach ... anywhere you can have an amazing time.

Aphrodite has placed out a ton of floats for us to have.  Not just for the grown-up but for kids too!!
Some of these goodies give out yummy's that you can interact with like drinks and foods and other goodies that summer should be filled with.  Now I didnt picture everything but a few of my favorites,  What you need to do is head over to Aphrodite, check EVERYTHING out ... believe me there is a ton and play till your hearts are content and even then continue on!  Believe me this is the the best part of summer ♥

Credits:  Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood

Aphrodite "Fun Floating island" for 11 people  NEW
Aphrodite "Summer Raft"  1.0A (PG)  NEW
Aphrodite "Tropical Drinks" Tray  NEW
"Loving couple" Heart Couple Floater (v1.0b) Tres Chic
Aphrodite "Swimming Drink" Deco  NEW
Aphrodite "Flamingo Drink" Deco Floater NEW
Aphrodite "Riding Geco" Kids Floater NEW

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