Saturday, August 8, 2015

Picnic on the Deck

Hi everyone! So I am doing a home and garden post for you today.  I have from Circa  a really amazing out door BBQ set for you all.  This set comes with grill, the food on the table, the table and balloons, and the decor that you see in the pictures.  There are some other awesome little details from Circa that I happened to find that would make great additions to the party.

For instance the beach chairs and the table with drinks and watermelon on them, a place to relax and enjoy the day in the sun with the water lapping around the deck.  You could smell the burgers from there! What  I really love is the baby turtle in the jar, that is so detailed and well done, I was instantly in love with it.  Though I feel bad and will probably let the turtle go after the party is over.

Swim free little turtle!

Creator and Ride :  Cherelle Capra
[CIRCA]  - "BackYard Party" BBQ - Full Set - Main Store

[CIRCA]  - "BackYard Party" BBQ - Full Set - Main store 

[CIRCA] - "Boho Shack" Beach Set - Main Store

[CIRCA]  - "On the Boardwalk" for Le Petite Faire

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