Friday, July 17, 2015

Vintage Daydreams

Hey everyone.  So I am showing off a few events in this post.  First, I am gonna tell you about Hair Fair 2015.  This is a great event for you to give your money to charity Wigs for Kids.  Buying these hairs will allow you to help buy small kids with issues in their life to feel a little better about them selves.  Its an amazing organization and you seriously need to check it out.  Every little bit counts.

Next up is Wayward Carnival.  This opened on the 15th, its still a little packed.  But if you give it time you will make it in and get amazing items like the clothing and props you see in my pictures.  I have all designers listed below.  This event is only open till the 31st so don't wait to long or you will miss out on some of the greatest designers on the grid.  If you are interested in more information you can look at the bottom of my post and click the label for Wayward Events or Carnival and you will see my past posts.

Luxe is in OMGacha and their bracelets are to die for.  There are 12 total to win ... different colors for each piece and you should collect them all.  They stack up your arms.  What better is they can be mixed and matched.

Click pictures to make larger for better viewing

Shirt: {amiable}shoulder Frilled Bow Top  | nodoka Vella  |  Wayward Carnival
Pants:  {amiable}Tuck Cropped Wide Pants  |  nodoka Vella | Wayward Carnival
Hair: ::Exile:: In The Shade  | Kavar Cleanslate  |  Hair Fair 2015
Bracelets: LUXE. Buddha BLACK  | jaycee.dover  |  OMGacha
                 LUXE. Chevron ROSEGOLD  | jaycee.dover  | OMGacha
                 LUXE. Moon GOLD  | jaycee.dover  | OMGacha
                 LUXE. RavenClaw RARE  | jaycee.dover  | OMGacha
                 LUXE. Spikes BLACK  | jaycee.dover  | OMGacha
                 LUXE. Starfish SILVER  | jaycee.dover  | OMGacha
                 LUXE. Starry SILVER  | jaycee.dover  | OMGacha
Shoes: REIGN.- Charisma Heels (M-HIGH)- White  | kenadeecole  | Wayward Carnival
Skin:  [PXL] Shara Carnival NAT Makeup 03 MEB C2  | hart.larsson  | Wayward Carnival
Freckles:  [PXL] Face freckles light (tattoo)  | hart.larsson  | Wayward Carnival

Soy. Hot Air Balloon [Miniature] wt/rd  | Soyoy  | Wayward Carnival
Soy. Hot Air Balloon [Miniature] or/vt  | Soyoy  | Wayward Carnival
Soy. Old Ferris wheel car [green]  |  Soyoy | Wayward Carnival
Soy. Old Ferris wheel car [red]  | Soyoy  | Wayward Carnival
Soy. Old Ferris wheel car [blue]  | Soyoy  | Wayward Carnival
oOo hoopty hoop  | Olaenka Chesnokov  | Wayward Carnival

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