Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wayward Carnival - Party Animals

Hii everyone, I am happy to say that Wayward Carnival is now open and you can shop your hearts out.  There is so much to get and see and do that you will not be bored just wandering around.  With a sim that is made for taking pictures, and rides that you can play on ... you will be sure to have a good time.    If you would like to know more about Wayward Carnival or Wayward Events ... please see their site at :

What is a home party with out Camels in socks ... or a huge pool with a modifiable edging so that you can make your own textured look.  Whats even more is GAMES .. yes there are games for sale at the Carnival all the classics you use to love Bean Toss, Duck Grabs, Ring Toss's .... so much fun.  Then there is the food.  Dont get me started on the yummy food.  I am showing off the sweets in this post ♥

So go check it out ... the Carnival is only open for two weeks!!!

Please click images to make them larger for better viewing.  Credits at the bottom.

[PM]Pixel Mode - Classic Kidney Shape Pool  |  Tya Fallingbridge   |
+Half-Deer+ Cool Socks Camels   |  halogen.magic   |
[atooly.home] ring toss   |  rockstarroo.gossipgirl   |
Jian :: Carnival Fun - Bean Toss Game   |  jiansl   |
Jian :: Carnival Fun - Bobbing for Ducks    |  jiansl   |
[Black Bantam] - Pink Acid My Baby Elephant RARE <3  |  Stasey Oller   |
[Black Bantam] - PomeCotton Candy Stick - Blue <3  |  Stasey Oller   |
[Black Bantam] - PomeCotton Candy Stick - Ombre <3  |  Stasey Oller   |
[Black Bantam] - PomeCotton Candy Stick - Pink RARE <3  |  Stasey Oller   |
Second Spaces - Erynn soda bar - full - white shabby  |  Elle Kirshner  |
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar (2)  |  aki69   |
{Imeka} 'Cake' Ice Cream Cones #4  |  NatiWilliams   |

Serenity Style- The Candy Carnival   |  hanstrid.inshan   |
-Serenity Style- Candy Carnival Chart
-Serenity Style- Candy Carnival Hearts Cookies Tray
-Serenity Style- Candy Carnival Muffin
-Serenity Style- Candy Carnival Ferris Wheel
-Serenity Style- Candy Carnival Colors Cookies Tray

Eunoia - carnival party gacha.   |  paperfairy   |
Eunoia - help yourself sign.
Eunoia - bunny balloon.
Eunoia - party table.
Eunoia - sweet cupcakes.
Eunoia - party cake.
Eunoia - plate of macarons.
Eunoia - flag garlands.
Eunoia - carnival party tent. RARE

Tree/Folliage:  Little Branch Items   |  Cari McKeenan   |

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