Thursday, July 9, 2015

Can you go Camping after a Wedding?

To answer that question, I will say yes.  There are several new things by Aphrodite/Heart Homes, and I got them to show off to you!

Have you ever wanted to get married on the beach but found it hard to find the perfect items to cater to your needs?  Well they have got it all for you! From the Invitations to the wedding chairs.  And you look at their sim you will find wedding cakes.   The Wedding Invitations are beach themed and so damn cute.  Inside your package when you buy the invitations is a NC that will tell you what you need to fill out to have it customize.  Thats right, you can have it customized to have your names, and picture, and a little more information.  You have your choice of three, Island of Love, Beach Lovers, and Magic Seashell.  Each of which have something unique about it.

The wedding set is omg ... that is literally what I have to say about this set.  You get it in a clump which is nice you don't have to move much, but if you want to you can do so.  There are poses in each chair, there is a wedding sign, the alter which is covered with a sand dollar looking canopy.  The
alter is made of sand stone and shells, with seashells and candles, there are poses for the minister in it.  This is absolutely gorgeous.    RIDE TO WEDDING SECTION

Aphrodite Beach wedding complete ceremony set

As you can see here, I have a camping set, it has a complete inside and outside, totally pg for you and your kids, there is a bed for the adults (kid friendly too) and there is a little air bed for the kids, it has your packed bags and sleeping bags.  This set is so full and fun, the outside has logs and activities in the poses for the whole family to enjoy.  This is a must have for those that love to camp or want to have a fun time in the backyard.  With summer being here, its time to break out the tents and start having some fun :D   Coming soon to Seasons Story

Aphrodite "Summertime" Family Camping Set

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