Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I am proud to say another year for the Hair Fair is upon us.  4 more days you can get onto the amazing sims and shop your heart out for all the hair you want.  Why a  hair fair you ask?  Because there are children on this planet that are going through some hard times and they sick, or have issues that causes them to not have hair.  Every year since 2007 their has been a hair fair and designers from all over the grid has opened their hearts to donate a part of their time and creativity to place out hairs, which then that donation goes to Wigs for Kids.  This money that is donated helps children all over get wigs to help them feel a little better about themselves.  By taking part of this even you are helping.  Every little bit helps.    And if you dont want to partake in buying hair (but seriously who wouldnt want hair) there are kiosks all over the sim where you can donate.  Like I said every little bit helps.  It doesnt matter if its 100L or 100000000L you are helping.  You will have that feel good pleasure in your heart.    I am excited and ready to spend my money .... its the one thing I look forward to every year! ♥

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