Saturday, July 11, 2015

Argrace at Hair Fair 2015

Hiii everyone.  I had a computer issue yesterday so I am posting about Hair Fair 2015 today.  Hair Fair 2015 has officially opened.  There are many stores on 4 different sims.  This is an event that has happened for several years now.  And for those years, I have had the amazing opportunity each year since I started blogging to get in early.  But, its not about the early access.  Its about the amazing feeling you will get when are donating for such a good cause.

Find out more here 

The event is about the children.  Wigs for Kids is a great charity organization.  They provide children with wigs and our purchases around these 4 sims will help in big way.  No matter how small the purchase is ... every little bit counts.

What amazes me more is stores like Argrace (who I am wearing in the picture)  they are willing to make items for this event and sell them, and then turn around, giving part of their profit to the donation box.  I know that some of these designers rely solely on SL for their living and they are willing to something so wonderful as giving that little bit up to help another.  They are the big winners here.

So make sure you check out Hair Fair 2015.   Assuming I did this right, the links below SHOULD take you to each sim where you can follow your beacons to the store you chose.

*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / TOMOE - Classy Brown [Fitted+]
*Just BECAUSE* Janice Tube Top - Sky - M
-Glam Affair - Yolandi skin - America 06 F

The following is a list  in alphabetical order to find the stores. There are slurls included, but the sims have landing points, so they will only show you with beacons where the store is, not tp you to them.

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