Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post 537 - Sushi Anyone?!

Hiii Everyone! I got something cool to show you. This is new from Aphrodite - Heart Homes.  What it is ... a Teppanyaki table! (鉄板焼き, teppan'yaki) This amazing table with custom made new animations in SL will allow you to cook all kind of sushi's like a Japanese true chef in RL! Hundreds of combinations possible, Make hundreds of different sushi rolls and pieces, even heart shaped ones! Also juggle and play with knives in the air like this chef does, have a lot of fun with it. Use it at your own kitchen or table! Available with 20% off only at Cosmopolitan event.  <--- totally stole the description from the owners ♥ 

This thing is so cool though, you sit and it does the work for you, whats better is your inventory doesn't get bombed with loose items, it attaches for you and then that is it.  Done.  So when you wear this don't worry about the clutter.  Its one of my favorite features about Aphrodite.

Click here to see more on their blog ... there is a video too! ♥

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