Sunday, February 1, 2015

Post 528 - Playtime

So, I am excited about the Upcoming Fifty Shades of Gray Movie that is happening.  I don't care what people think about it or the actors, no one is busting the bubble.   These items have come out just in time for that, and I am totally gonna celebrate the kinky fun!

So Plethora has put out a his and hers kink set ... being I dont have a him right now, I am gonna show off the her! its a little table that has a plenty of naughty little kinky things on it.  Vibes, plugs, beads, lubes ... and mmmm clamps.   Oh yea so went there.  Its perfect for your bedside or dirty secret hiding place.  A total must have for the bad girls in SL.  So ... everyone! ♥

Then I happened to find this store called the Hive ... which was by doing an event for the Neighbourhood, and I found this total kink set too! Its called shades, and you get to pick from some packages, that have the pictures, and the other little bits and pieces on the table.  THE perfect accessories to add to your naughty bedside table for sure.  I had much fun decorating it too!

The Hive - Shades Wall Art [Sir]   (thehivestore)
The Hive - Shades Wall Art [Plays, Stays]
The Hive - Shades Handcuffs [w/Text]
The Hive - Shades Cell Phone [w/ Charger]
The Hive - Shades Lipstick
The Hive - Shades Candles
The Hive - Shades Rose Petals
Plethora - Kink Tray (For Her)  (plethorasl)
The Strawberry Box: Working Vintage Radio  (Jiovi Michigan)

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