Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog 539 - Snobbery

Hiii everyone! So,  I am gonna start off by saying I am THE worse AlterEgo blogger ever.  But in the hope that will semi rectify things with Toxxi ♥  Either way, I buy her stuffs so rawr.  Ok so these shoes are like ... Hells ya.  I had to do a smexy pose with the boyfriend and these.  So that is below.  THESE ARE A GROUP GIFT! So if you are part of her group ... get them ... if you are not part of her group ... why the heck are you not?! ♥  The good thing about being part of her group is that you get spoiled ... I mean hella spoiled.  So seriously go down to the store, pick these up and join the group.  I think there is a fee again.  But trust me it be worth it.  And if you like to laugh good humor there too ♥  <end of suck up rant>

AlterEgo - Snobbery (Toxxic Rhiannyr)  GROUP GIFTY

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