Monday, February 23, 2015

Post 540 - Sugar

Oh hi there! So like the boyfriend, got this pose with me like ... before V day, and we were suppose to do it before then.  But you know ... time and stuff .. But we are doing it now.  What is good is that this pose is good any time you wanna have a romantical moment.  Though he is totally checking out my butt ... again.  but that is ok.  This is me wanting candy ... and him ... well you get the point. 

This pose is brought to you by Pose Maniacs, I am kinda addicted to her single poses, and this is gonna rank up there with her couples.  So you should go check it out.  Its a great price and it has three poses inside of it.  I took the middle of the three .. You got a naughty, a goodie and this one we are doing for you now.

(Tray Included with goodies)

{pose maniacs} #mybae   (Jaay Tiratzo)

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