Sunday, December 14, 2014

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HAPPY HOLIDAYSWell I am on a home and garden kick and this time round is no different, I got a lot more to show you in the Home area! Well I got more for you from Heart Homes, the creators of Aphrodite creations.

Just in time for the Winter season is a fabulous table that you can use in your home that has place mats that allow you to rez out some food! Now I had a little trouble with this at first.  But rule number one is always DO NOT READ THE NOTE-CARD.  Well you should read the Note-card ... but you know this is SL and no one ever does.  So I learned a valuable lesson.  You neeeeed to read that card and now my table works like clock work.  There are many options on this table that I wasn't sure how to show it off.  But I kept it sweet and simple.

Then a little fun for your family.  There is now a Fireplace that allows you to click it and SANTA comes out the chimney.  Who doesn't like a fat man falling from depths of your chimney and bringing you presents?! Well if he leaves me presents I don't care if he breaks in!!  Its amusing to watch and so much fun its completely animated he climbs in and climbs back up when done.  And if you click your chimney more than once don't worry only one Santa comes out.  Great on prims too!!

click to make the picture even bigger!!

All Items are brought to you by Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood
<HEART HOMES>"Luxury Holiday" Christmas table

<Heart Homes> Animated funny Santa! 1.1  This Item is an exclusive item found at the COSMO event. 

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