Saturday, December 13, 2014

Post 499

Hiii everyone.  I got some shiny new stuff to show you from Plethora now! I now have another home and garden post for you.  This being for the home too.  Perfect and just in time for the winter.  Plethora never lets you down when making items that cater to certain things.  And this case is no different.  We have for you winter items that are snow flakes!!! I love them all.  All from the hang-y lights all the way down to the wine racks on the end tables.  Your clock is right on time and allows you keep that homey feeling.  And a cute book shelf to hold the word blocks that were made.  You cannot go wrong with Plethora this season!! ♥  And so you know, all you have to do is click and the wood changes colors, which is why my pieces are all different colors :)

Find out more here For TLC 15 Dec '14 - More info


Plethora - Snowflake Wine Rack
Plethora - Snowflake End Table A
Plethora - Snowflake End Table B
Plethora - Snowflake Clock
Plethora - Silent Night Wood Blocks
Plethora - Let It Snow Wood Blocks
Plethora - Counting Snowflakes
Plethora - Snowflake Wall Shelf

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