Saturday, December 13, 2014

Post 498

Hiii everyone.  I have a cute little set to show you from Sway's! Its a built in wall set and fits in a relatively small space, and its cute too.  There are snuggles and cuddles, as well as the lone poses for you if you want a quiet little nook to rest and read.  Pillows, lights, cacti, a little window and frames. There are several different colors, you can use and play with, different themes.  See the hanging balls of light, the bigger ones?  Those are a cute little free gift too!  You can get these amazing little things from the Arcade

alcove . with string lights (scripted) . 4Li
floor pillows . 6 animations for up to 2 . 2Li
rug . texture change, plain and patterned . 2Li
bed . 10 single/friends + 3 couple animations . 4Li
curtain . texture change, plain and patterned . 4Li
all the cactus . 3 little cactus in flower pots . 2Li
all the books . 3 stack of books fits for under bed shelf . 2Li
picture frames . 3 wood colors, for 5 pictures . 1Li

18 to collect: 15 common and 3 rares
50L$ per play
modify & transfer ( scripts and animations transfer only)
Mesh | Material

Click the pictures to make Larger

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