Sunday, December 28, 2014

Heart Homes Gift ♥

Hiiii everyone! Before you miss it I want to tell you about a little BIG gift that you can get from Heart Homes, Also known for its products by Aphrodite!  Right now for the holiday season you can get a COMPLETE full out bedroom set for the winter.   I am going to post what the owners wrote so you can totally take advantage of the amazing gift that is being presented.
Message from the owners:   Marina Ramer

1500 THANK YOU to all of you!!! Thank you for your support and for following everyday, thank you for liking us! Here is the promised bedroom set in two versions, adult or PG also for kids and teenagers! How to get it? Please IM me in FB. I will send you a personal code. With that code, please TP to Aphrodite Shop here
Type the code on the terminals and get it! As simple as that. and if you also missed our last first gift please get it also now with same code!
PS If the terminal says OFFLINE is because needs to be refilled, each terminal only allows 50 gifts so please be patient I will keep refilling them, enjoy your Xmas bedroom everyone!

Facebook Site: 

So not only do you get one gift you get TWO if you missed the last one! ♥  This is just great.

The bedroom set comes with TONS and TONS of poses, great items to use for single players and yet for your love one at night.  Or morning for that matter as there is breakfast in bed.    So on to the pictures.  Oh ... wait one last thing.  These items are single placed after out of the rezzer so if you don't want the Christmas tree out anymore, you can easily pick it right back up and place it away for next year!

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