Monday, December 29, 2014

Post 508

Hiiii everyone! So you all like AlterEgo skins right?  Well guess what.  Her skins are part of Omgacha, starting January 10th.  Each skin is 100L and you can find the appliers at the main store. (Toxxic is good at making appliers, so if you own it ... she prolly makes it.) 
All skins are Transfer, so you can trade with your friends or give them as gifties ♥  There are two machines, each one has 16 common, 4 Rares, and 1 Ultra Rare (the whole fat pack).  So that means there are a ton of skins to collect.  I will be adding the legends at the bottom of the page so you can see the skins.  The skins will be sold in the machine only! So you will not be able to collect them individually unless you play the machine. 

 LM to the Main Store

OMGacha LM coming soon!

Top: :FY: Renee Top (black)
Arms:  :FY: Chloe Arm Warmers
Hair: Exile::Dancing Horses

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