Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post 462

Hiiii everyone.  I am showing off one of my favorite shoe makers, this would be L. Warwick.  She is totally amazballs.  You can expect the best out of her.  All her textures and meshes are handmade.  What I like the most is if you are friend on plurk, she will allow some of peeps to watch her make the shoes themselves.  That is how you know its real.  Its an amazing experience to watch someone that can create do their work.  But.  alright the shoes ...right?  So these badgirls are made for slink feet so make sure you have them. (Medium).  The classic older look is very well done, the base is black and the top color comes in many different shades.  I have a few packages out and the ones on my feet shown in the picture.  The good thing about her packages is that they are 1 LI so you can decorate your house with them :D  I love that little added bonus, they are a cute decoration.

These are for the Le Ponpon Sweet 60's Event that will be coming soon.

[L.Warwick] Aurora -Oxford Heels (Lindsey Warwick)
Comes in the Following Colors
Light Blue

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