Sunday, September 14, 2014

Home and Garden - Homewares by Sway

Helllllloooooo everyone! So I am happy to show off mooore awesome stuff by Sway Dench, who owns the store Sways! I love this store, for like ever now really.  And she always has something cute coming out ... so I know the Arcade has been busy as crazy and it might be settled down enough for people to get in ... or heck you might hit a few of the yard sales ... but while you are there check out these rugs ....

These are at the Arcade right now, and you can get all sorts of mats there.. They are for your front porch, back porch, side doors or where ever you wanna place them!  Each little mat has the decoration of something cute on it.  Like a plant, boots, letters, a cat .. a package ... and each one has a different design on them.  There are poses in there for couples and singles.  I didnt show any of them off, since I wanted to showcase the actual mats.  But omg so adorable.  *specially the couple poses* 

Next is this cute really cute desk set.  It comes with alot of items to place on it and a stool that has many poses in it too.  There are lamp options for colors, and plugs for the wall, or no plug if you dont like that feature.  There are hanging boards for your quotes and pictures.  And books, and other nessisities for your desk.  You can find this at the main store!

Sooo, Here are the credits:

Sway's [Creativity] Desk set  (Sway Dench) NEW
You can get as the set or Single items!

Sway's [Door Mat] (Sway Dench)  Arcade

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